The OZ Outback Adventure – Day 2

On our 2nd day we woke up bright and early for the long drive to Uluru. Its at least 400km distance (if I remember correctly) and took us half of the day of driving to get there.

There’s no radio signal or mobile phone reception along the highway, so be ready with a full tank of gas and some music CDs to keep you entertained throughout the road trip.

Our view for the majority of the ride

The drive was pretty simple, just kept going straight most of the time.. and there was no traffic at all so we were driving at a speed of 110kph.

can drive up to 110kph in these roads

A lot of signs along the way so you won’t get lost, just look for signs that say Lasseter Highway/Uluru.

Halfway there!

On the way there, we had a few stopovers for some picture taking

the EXTREMELY dry ground here

and to refill on fuel at Curtin Springs.. They have toilets, shops and accommodations.  So take advantage of this, as there is still a long way to go to reach Ayers Rock.

Curtin Springs station

Refuelling at Curtin Springs

Along the way you’ll see Mt. Connor.. My officemate told me about this lookout point, which a lot of people would mistake for Uluru.

view of Mt. Connor

If you have more time, you can take a detour and go to King’s Canyon first for an overnight pitstop before heading to Uluru.

Finally arrived at the resort town!!

finally arrived!

Ayers rock resort

This is the only sign of civilization you’ll see here, and the only area that has accommodations, shops and tiny restaurants.

Few cafes and shops in the resort

They do have different types of accommodations depending on your budget, from the backpacker’s hostels to the more pricey hotels.. All the accommodations you can choose from in this area can be found here

View outside one of the hotels

We stayed at Desert Gardens Hotel.  The reception area is a separate building from the rooms, and the setup looks more like a motel. Facilities are limited to just a pool, and wifi access can only be used in the reception building.

Reception building of the hotel

There’s a free shuttle that goes around the whole resort town.. So you can hitch a ride and just get off in different points of the town.. Its not necessary since you can explore the whole area on foot.. But I guess its just more convenient in avoiding the hot weather.

After we’ve explored the town and taken a lunch break, we were now ready to endure the hot weather and drove to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.  This is around 20 minutes drive from the resort, and where we can see the Olgas (Kata Tjuta) and Uluru rock formations.

saw some camels along the way

The Kata Tjuta is a long stretch of mountains that is just amazing to see.  This is the view from the lookout point we were at…

And then a much closer view of the Olgas during the sunset

And so ends our 2nd day in the Northern Territory.


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