The OZ Outback Adventure – Day 3

3rd day! Woke up bright and early to see Uluru during a sunrise.  This mountain has a spiritual significance to the Aboriginals who have lived off the land despite the harsh conditions.  Sitting there watching the sunrise change the view of the mountain to different shades of red was a wonderful experience that can’t be completely captured by pictures, but I tried to anyway.

Uluru - change of colors during sunrise

Afterwards, we went closer to the base of the mountain for a ranger guided tour and walk around the area.

close up view of the mountain

Depending on how much walking you want to do, there are different levels of difficulty to choose from.  You can even go as far as walking the entire base of the mountain.

base walk map

base of the mountain

There is also an option to climb up to the top of the mountain.  But its not encouraged because of how sacred the Aboriginals regard Uluru.  Plus it can be dangerous as there is no railing or walking path up.  So didn’t even attempt to climb up and just took a picture near the base.

We also did the ranger guided tour which explained a bit of the history around the area, as well as insights on the Aboriginal’s way of life. One of the parts of the tour I found interesting was regarding the education the Aboriginals had during that time.  Because survival was the key concern here in this land, the teachings done was focused on that rather than math or science.

this used to be the classroom of the Aboriginals

Here they showed us some of the lessons these kids had based on the drawings we saw in the wall.  For example, one of the important things they would need to know is where to find water, so this drawing showed kids where they can find watering holes, and serve as a map for them to get to these places.

drawings to represent watering holes

And finally we had lunch and its another long drive back to Alice springs.

bye Uluru!


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