The OZ Outback Adventure – last 2 days!

It’s the last 2 days of our adventure in the Northern Territory and we were back in Alice Springs from the long drive from Uluru.

This day we went on a roadtrip to East MacDonnell ranges..

Jessie Gap

This is a shorter drive compared to the West MacDonnell ranges, so we decided to do this first, and then go back to town and find something indoors to do.

We decided to go to the Royal Flying doctor service museum… It was informative, but honestly not something I found interesting.

What I do recommend you go to this place for, is their cafe (Red’s cafe).  I tried their Outback Anti Pesto platter which had kangaroo meat! Really yummy dish to try out…

For the final day we went on another roadtrip this time along Western MacDonnell Ranges.  The drive is good for a whole day where we stop over different sights along the way.  We weren’t able to do all the sights listed here, and just picked the popular ones recommended in the tourist information centre, which was Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek, Serpentine Gorge, Ochre Pits, and Orniston Gorge.

The first one was Simpsons gap.. We were hoping to see some wallabies, which the tourist information said can be sighted a lot here.. No luck though.. Still a nice place to hang out in and take some pictures and see more of the red rocks typical to this region..

Next was Standley Chasm, basically its an alleyway made up of mountains.  People come here to wait for just the right time when the sunlight hits in between the two walls of rocks in a display of colors.

After it was off to Ellery Creek to rest and have lunch.  We were so happy to be able to swim and cool ourselves after all the walking in the scorching heat.  There’s no shops or benches, so bring your own blanket and food here.

Next was Serpentine Gorge.  We climbed up around 30 minutes to get to the lookout point, and halfway up I was wishing I could just stop and go back down.  The walk didn’t really have a pathway and was quite steep.  Plus in the 40+ degree weather was just torturous.  When we finally got to the lookout point, the view for me was just okay, and not worth the trek we did.

After we went to Ochre Pits, the attraction of this is to see the different colors of ochre painted in the wall.. Maybe its just me, but again I wasn’t that impressed by this.

Final destination was another gorge, Orniston gorge.  Now this one I was happy with.  First off the climb to the lookout point had stairs, which made it easier to walk to.  And the view itself was grander compared to the Serpentine Gorge.

me next to the ghost gum tree


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