Western Australia – City of Perth

Me and some friends travelled to Perth last year during the Holy Week holidays.  It is in the western most part of Australia, and is a good 4 hours flight from Melbourne..

For me the city itself is not as interesting as Melbourne or Sydney, but still I did find the following places I enjoyed exploring.

The first one is the local park in the city – Kings park.

From the park you can get a good view of the city and Swan river.

Then there is the Swan Bell Tower, beautiful modern glass and copper structure that contains the royal bells dating from the 14th century.. There’s an entrance fee to climb up and see the bells, so being the cheapskates that we are, we just took some pictures of the building from below.

My favorite is the London court shopping arcade.. This alleyway is like what I envisioned the shopping streets of Europe would look like.. and for a while I forgot that I was in Australia because of the architecture and shops here..

Overall, Perth is a city that you can explore in a day or less, but not really worth going back to.  It just serves a good pitstop to nearby areas.


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