Western Australia – Around Margaret River

During a trip to Perth in April, me and some friends drove to Margaret River for an overnight stay. This region is a beautiful place with different things to see and do depending on your interests. Better to stay here for a day or two, as it takes around 3-4 hours to drive here from Perth.

For nature lovers, would definitely recommend the cape to cape track located south west of Margaret River. It takes around 45 minutes to drive here from Margaret River. Beautiful place! I especially love the cool sea breeze combined with the warm sunlight, perfect weather for a walk! 😀 There are longer walking trails that you can do which have some additional lookout points… But even with just the short 30 minute walk we did, we were able to already see wonderful scenery such as these:

Another option for nature lovers is cave exploring. There are 3 caves you can go to in the region: the Mammoth Cave, Jewel Cave and Lake Cave. For those that plan to do this, I suggest calling up and making a booking ahead of time, because it can get fully booked and you might not be able to go in at all, or have to wait for the next available schedule. The only one we were able to go into is Lake Cave, which as the name says, has a lake inside. This is one of the shots I got of the cave and its reflection in the water. This is the part where they turn off all the lights and its pitch black, and open these strategically placed lights that give the cave this eerie glow.

Then there’s also the man-made attractions.

One is the Busselton jetty, just right next to the town of Margaret River. It was a nice relaxing walk along the jetty and perfect in a calm day like this.

And of course, in Australia, there’s always the wineries.. We tried Laurance cellar, not because of any specific preference we had for wine, but because of the beautiful landscape around the winery.

We ordered this sampler that offered three types of their wines and a few nibbles to go with it.

For those with an urge to shop, try going to the Natural Olive Oil and Soap Factory located at 135 Puzey Rd Willyabrup (http://www.oliveoilsoapfactory.com.au). It was just so tempting to buy stuff from here, especially since they allow you to sample a lot of their products..

soap samples

and dips

For more ideas on what to do in Margaret River, go to http://www.margaretriver.com/pages/welcome-to-margaret-river/


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