PHL | Its More Fun in the Philippines

In an effort to promote tourism, the Philippines’ Department of Tourism came up with this viral campaign with the slogan “More fun in the Philippines”. And already a lot of local travellers and photography enthusiasts have posted so many different pictures highlighting the different sights around the country.

Admittedly, for foreigners it might seem a little scary because of some bad publicity surrounding the country.. But if you’re cautious (and preferrably have a local with you) and stay away from the Muslim provinces in Mindanao, then you would be amazed at the wonderful sights, food, and people around country.. and best of all, hardly spending any money at all!

Here are some of the many pictures out there for this campaign that is uniquely Pinoy!

1. For popular local events:

Cockfights.. haven’t witnessed this myself yet, but a lot of small towns in the Philippines have these events for entertainment and bet on their favorite to win (Philippines’ own version of horse racing!)

The Moriones Festival, an annual festival held during Holy Week in the province of Marinduque.

The annual Pahiyas Festival in Quezon

2. Water, mountains, caves.. The Philippines has a lot of beautiful sights to choose from for nature lovers..

For scuba diving enthusiasts

Chocolate hills in Bohol


The Banaue rice terraces


3. Food

A must try Filipino desert called a Halo halo. There could be more or less ingredients added, but basically it has ice cream, jelly, condensed milk, a purple yam called ube in it, and assorted fruits.

Main dish often prepared in festivals called lechon


And other stuff

For unique animals, go to Bohol to see the Tarsier monkey. This animal is TINY (think barely as big as your hand).. And you can’t see it here in the picture, but the eyes are big and round.

Another thing that’s only in the Philippines is the local public transportation, the jeepneys. Its interesting to see the different decorations jeepney drivers would put in their own vehicle.. From banners, murals and figurines attached to the hood, these jeepneys add color to the bustling streets of the city.

Christmas in the Philippines is just not the same without these lanterns called parol to light up the homes and streets.



3 thoughts on “PHL | Its More Fun in the Philippines

  1. I’ve always loved the Philippines! Friendly people who speak such good English, so warm and hospitable.

    I’m still waiting for Airasia to fly to more destinations in the Philippines, to be honest. The day they start flying to Boracay is when I’m THERE!!!

    • Oooh Boracay yeah that’s a well known beach if you’re into partying and the nightlife 🙂 Another option you could consider is flying to Manila and getting a local flight from Manila to Boracay.. There’s a lot of promo flights from Manila to different places in the Philippines so it would still be a cheap alternative 🙂

  2. How about this: Volunteering. More fun in the Philippines.

    Check out my blog to see just how much fun and then come down and get dirty and help out. I’m working with All Hands Volunteers in and around CDO helping people affected by Typhoon Sendong. You don’t need any special skills or previous experience and there’s no registration or participation fees.

    Come and build houses, shovel mud, pull down ceilings, put up tents, and much, much more! For more information email or check out our website at

    Thank you.

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