Around Hobart (Day 1 of Tassie trip)

In 2011, during a Melbourne cup weekend I called a friend for a spur of the moment trip to Tasmania for 4 days and 3 night 🙂

Tasmania (Tassie for short) is an island located in the Southern part of Australia (and below the state of Victoria).. From Melbourne its around 1.5 hours to get here by plane..

Weather wise its generally cooler here compared to other AU states.. Unfortunately spring here can vary from rainy to sunny, and during our trip there’s a forecast of rain all throughout our stay, making planning our itinerary challenging.. Since this is only a short trip, we decided to just focus on places and sights close to Hobart..

We stayed at Hobart MacQuarie while here. Location is pretty good, just around 15 minutes walk to Salamanca place.. Room and toilet is small but clean.. There are parking spaces, but its cramped and only has a few spots available..

1st stop of the day was Salamanca market, a popular local event held every Saturday from 9 am-3 pm..

There is a wide variety of merchandise available.. There’s food, handmade knick knacks, artwork, and lots of other random items that tempted me into buying something I don’t really need or want just because it looked cute. 😀

The market was held in Salamanca Place.  The buildings here used to be old Georgian warehouses, which have now been transformed to small shops and restaurants.

From Salamanca Place, there’s an alley with stairs going up called Kelly’s steps.

This will lead you to Battery Point, a street lined with quaint old fashioned cottages.

Wish I could live in houses like these, everything about them was just so cute!

Afterwards we drove out to MONA – Museum of New and Old art.. Its a 30min drive if you have a car, or they have ferry rides from the docks that can take you there.. Perfect activity to stay warm and dry for a rainy day like this.. Personally am not a huge fan of museums and art… I don’t understand or appreciate it most of the time, especially abstract art.. But what’s nice about MONA is that it challenges your concept of what art is with its unique and controversial pieces.. They provide each guest with an Itouch that shows and explains the background behind each piece to help you gain a better understanding behind the work.. Whether you end up loving or hating the exhibits, your visit here will definitely be a memorable one.. There are different types of media and concepts that were used outside your typical canvas and paint, these are just a few of the ones I liked..

Called “the snake”

By the end of our exploration, my brain was exhausted from all the things I saw and was ready to have dinner!!

Because Tasmania is near the ocean, another thing this state is famous for is fresh seafood.  And a lot of my friends recommended having fresh seafood from Mures, a restaurant by the docks which bring the fishes straight from the pier..

We tried the hot and cold seafood platter to sample the variety of seafoods available..Yum!!

After a satisfying meal, time to go back to the hotel and rest for the next day’s adventure..


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