Heritage Highway (Day 2 of Tassie Trip)

2nd day of our Tassie trip and we were praying the weather would get better so we can do more outdoor-sy sightseeing.

Although forecast was cloudy, luckily rain was minimal.  We took advantage of that and went on a road trip recommended in the visitor’s information centre following the Heritage Highway trail.

The driving route starts from Hobart and goes all the way up to Launceston, stopping by different towns along the route with some quaint villages with Georgian architecture.

The trip can be done in a day, unfortuantely since we were only staying in Hobart, we didn’t drive the whole route and only selected specific towns we wanted to see before heading back to Hobart.

First stop was in Kempton.. just 40 minutes from Hobart, it’s a small countryside town which served as a pitstop for the travelling coaches passing through.. You feel like you’ve been transported back in time to the 19th century, with the structures and streetscapes.

The highlight for me is the Dysart House, a pitstop for coaches travelling between Hobart and Launceston.  There’s no entrance fee to go inside, so you can feel free to look around.
Some pictures of the estate..
Inside the courtyard for a look..
Picturesque views of the countryside..
Another landmark in this town is this Presbyterian church which now serves as a community hall.. Its nickname is “the Blue Place”..
Next town we went to is Oatlands, anther historic village in Tasmania that was established as a military post.  Along the street you can see a lot of examples of Georgian architecture like this..
But the main highlight of this place is the Callington Mill, which is fully operational even until now to produce flour.
Final stop we had is Ross,which sits on the bank of Macquarie river,
and home to the 3rd oldest bridge in Australia – Ross bridge.
Overall a good introduction to some of the history of Tasmania.  I wish we had thought of staying in Launceston instead so we could have gone through more of the stops along Heritage Highway… Definitely want to come back here and do the others we missed!
(For more information on the route, look at http://www.heritagehighway.com.au)

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