Bruny Island cruise (Day 3 of Tassie Trip)

3rd day of our Tassie trip.. this time we wanted something a bit more adventurous and nature-y.. So we went to the Hobart waterfront and booked a Bruny Island cruise with

Bruny Island is located in the south-east corner of Tasmania, closest to Hobart. Its good for a day trip if you’re staying at Hobart, or you can stay in the Island overnight.

We chose the full day tour which included transportation to and from Bruny island, the cruise, and morning tea and lunch. As an initial introduction to Bruny Island, this tour was well worth the money spent. You can just relax and enjoy the experience since they take care of every little detail for you!

First we rode a bus from Hobart to Kettering.. this is where we ride the ferry that will take us to Bruny Island.

Bruny Island doesn’t have any public transportation, so you will really need to either take your own car or join one of the tour providers going to the island. If you do decide to take a car rental, ask them first though if they allow the car to be taken to Bruny Island, as not all rentals allow it. We booked our car from Europcar, and although they said they allow the car to be driven to the island, we were warned that the island has unsealed roads that might have more risk of damaging the car (and is not covered by the insurance).

Once we arrived in the island, we were taken to their own operated cafe for morning tea.. The food was nothing fancy, just a simple homemade muffin with tea… Still a perfect way to warm up and relax before we go to the cruise.

After our meal, we were herded off to the boats and oriented on what to expect for the duration of the cruise and further instructions on where to best sit (depending if your prone to seasickness)

This is us all geared up and ready for the cruise adventure! The coats were extremely helpful in keeping us warm and dry throughout the cruise.

Depending on what month you come, or how lucky you are, you’ll get to see different kinds of wildlife along the way. These are the few we managed to see.. Times like these I wish I had one of those cameras that allow you to zoom really close up…

Besides animals, there was also some amazing rock formations..

called the “Totem Pole”

We were brought upclose to cave openings like this..

This one was cool.. called ‘The breathing rock’, every few seconds the waves hits the rocks with just the right amount of pressure to cause this..

After the cruise, we had fresh salmon for lunch.. yum!

Then it was time to head back to Hobart… Depending on how much time you have left, the driver is pretty accommodating and accepted requests from some of the passengers to stop by some of the local cheese/chocolate shops in the island.. I didn’t bother going down the bus then as I was already tired and ready to sleep. The drop off point is back at the tour office, but the driver was nice enough to try to drop us off either in or close to our hotels.

Again, another fun day spent in Tassie!


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