Western Australia – Rottnest Island

If you’re in Perth and looking for a quick, relaxing getaway… Rottnest Island is a good place to go to.. either as an overnight weekend trip, or for a daytrip. “Rotto” as known to the locals, is a secluded island popular for siwmming, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, diving and cycling.

To get to the island, you would need to take a ferry ride either from Fremantle or Perth.  From Fremantle it takes around 25 minutes to get there, and 1.5 hours from Perth.  Be sure to check the schedules of when these ferries depart.. There are a few services available out there, for us we took Rottnest Express http://www.rottnestexpress.com.au/ from Fremantle.

What I love about the island is that although a popular spot for tourists, the island is mostly untouched by commercialization.  There’s only a few shops and cafes near the pier, but apart from that the rest of the island is kept bare.  Cars can’t be brought to the island and to get around the area you either have to take the bus (the only bus operating in the island), or ride a bike, or walk.

This is also the only place to find quokkas – marsupials similar to the kangaroos and wallabies (but smaller).  You’ll see a lot of these critters freely running around the island.

We didn’t get to explore the whole island, so there might be more things to discover.. For more details, go to http://www.rottnestisland.com/


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