First trip to US! (East Coast)

Another backlog post of one of the travels I went to last year.. My trip to the US!

Growing up constantly exposed to American TV shows and movies, America has been in my bucket list since I was a kid.. and I already knew which places I wanted to target in my first trip there: New York, LA and Vegas. The tricky part was how to plan the logistics and budget, since NYC is in the East Coast, while LA and Vegas was on the West.. and I only had 3 weeks to cover the whole trip.

For the East Coast, I booked a tour package with Tours4fun. It was a 6 day tour covering not just New York, but Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Boston and Niagara Falls (details of the package here This is actually pretty cheap as it was buy 1 get 1 free, so with me and my parents, we just ended up paying for 2 people. I then booked an extra 2 days stay in New York to do some exploring on my own before heading off to Los Angeles.

The 1st day was a tour of New York city, some of the stopovers we went to are:

Took the cruise to see the Statue of Liberty..

Visit the financial district where the New York Stock exchange is

Went up the famous Empire state building and got these amazing views of the city.

Saw celebrities in Madame Tussaud’s wax museum

Next day was all about history as we headed off to Washington DC, just in time for the Independence day parade.. I wish I had a whole day to see the sights.. There are tons of museums to go to and grecian style architectures to see.

The next day it was another long drive with a stopover at Hershey’s Chocolate world.. I love this place! The factory is huge with their own garden. They have different rides and factory tours, one of which allows you to make your own chocolate!!

another pitstop we had was at Corning Glass museum.. Never heard of this before, but I love all the pretty designed glasses, so was still an enjoyable time browsing and taking pictures.

Some of my favorite glass exhibits

Afterwards it was off to Niagara Falls.. I thought Niagara was the name of the waterfall we would get to see, but apparently that’s just the name of the park that has 3 waterfalls.. The American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe falls. We also took the maid of the mist boat ride for a closer up view of the falls.. Amazing scenery!

After an overnight stay in the area, it was time to head back to NYC… Along the way we had a stopover at Boston to visit the famous universities such as Harvard and MIT. Then a quick lunch in Quincy market.

Finally arrived back in New York after a packed 6 day trip. It’s a good thing we decided to stay for 2 more days.. There is just sooo much to do here, no wonder they call it the “City that never sleeps”.

First on my agenda was to watch a Broadway musical!  There’s a TKT booth in times square that sells discounted tickets for performances on the day itself.. Depending on the show it can go as high as 50% discounts! Just look for this booth in Times Square

After the Broadway show, we just strolled along Times Square.. An impressive sight especially at night.. Even at 12 midnight, the place is still packed with people and bustling with activity.

For the last day a visit to another NYC icon.. Central Park.

That ended our 8 days in the East Coast!  There’s sooo much more I wish I could have seen, but pretty good coverage for my first trip 😀

Next it’s off to LA and Vegas for the next 6 days of my trip!!


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