Week of Gluttony in Singapore

Thanks to a new project at work… this May I got to travel for a week to Singapore!!!

Besides getting to travel to a different place for free, the thing I love about business trips is that meals are reimburseable! Which is why I wanted to make the most of that and try different dishes while there. I met up with different groups of friends for lunch/dinner, and asked them to take me around the popular local eating spots..

These are some of the popular dishes I got to try..

Hainanese chicken

This one is pretty cheap and cost less than 20 SGD including rice for both me and my friend… Taste isn’t as exotic as other Asian food… still its a wonderful dish for those that aren’t into spicy food but still want to try something local.. Basic concept is the rice is soaked in chicken stock to add flavour to the rice. It also comes with dipping sauces for the chicken that gives it a taste of sweetness/saltiness depending on what sauce you put in.

According to my friend, Wee Nam Kee is THE place to go to for Hainanese chicken rice. They have several branches around the city… For my case I went to the one in Marina Square Mall since that’s located near my hotel.

For dinner, I met another set of friends for a dimsum dinner at Din Tai Fung. Although this is a Chinese dish rather than something uniquely Singaporean, Din Tai Fung is supposed to be the best restaurant for Xiao lung bao.

Xiao lung bao

Another night, it was CHILLI CRAB!!! Despite how messy eating this is.. you CANNOT leave Singapore without eating this.

**Drool** just thinking about this dish makes me wish I could go back to SG for seconds.. Even though it says chili, the dish isn’t actually that spicy and is quite mild. Try ordering the buns as a side dish so that you can use it to mop up all the remaining yummy sauce. We tried the new restaurant called “No Signboard” for the chilli crab. But I think Jumbo restaurant in Clark Quay tastes better.

Another absolute fave of mine from Jumbo restaurant is Cereal prawns. I know picture doesn’t look that impressive but I swear its really yummy.

I also tried some random hawker stalls and food courts that we would pass by..

Near China town there were several food stalls where you can get reaaaally cheap food.. we gave it a go and I tried a dish I read from a travel magazine called Bak kut teh. It’s like pork stew swimming in soup.. Presentation and taste wise it looks very simple, its the type of food I imagine would be a good home cooked meal in a traditional Chinese village.

A popular food court I noticed in SG is this Food Republic.. It offers various types of Asian cuisines and drinks.. You can recognise this food court by their trademark decor of bookshelves painted in the walls…

We tried some Malaysian dishes like Hokkien prawn mee and Oyster Omelette.. pretty good for the price

My friends also took me to this popular hawkers area for tourists.. Gluttons bay in Raffles Avenue.

This place is just packed with people, and it took a while for us to get seats. Its an open area so you’ll probably be sweating and sticky by the time you finish.. Still enjoyed the experience. There are signs scattered around the area of different dishes you can try and a brief description explaining what they are.

We tried several dishes, the only one I got a picture of was the Satay.. (again this isn’t exactly Singaporean, and is more of a Malaysian dish)

Another place I tried out was this Swiss restaurant Marche. Although its not anywhere near Singaporean cuisine, the long queues outside piqued my interest and I wanted to try and see what the hype is all about.

They offer different types of Swiss food here in different booths. Upon entering you get a card and have it swiped for each order you get. At the end of the meal they take the card and check the total amount that you have to pay.

It’s hard to eat here and not end up overspending.. There are just so many choices… From the different meats and sausages, the pizzas that you can customize, the salads, and their popular dish Rosti.

It’s basically like a potato pancake, and you can choose what topping to put in and what sauce..

But what I REALLY looked forward to was the desserts.. Particularly the crepe where you can choose what stuff to put in.. Again because there’s no food budget, I went a little crazy and had mangoes, bananas, strawberries, ice cream and chocolate syrup all put in.. Wonderful way to end the meal!!

And to cap of my week of binging, my project manager treated me to their famous cocktail, the Singapore Sling. I just tried the one from the hotel I’m staying at.. but if you had the time better to go to the original source of this… Raffles hotel.

Although this week did some serious damage to attempt to lose weight, it was soo worth it for the chance to enjoy good food in the company of good friends…


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