Seoul-o travels (Day 3-4)

For the next 2 days in Seoul, we spent majority of the time exploring the famous shopping districts of Seoul.

The first was in Dongdaemun, popular shopping place for clothes, shoes, and other accessories.  Major shopping malls are Doosan Tower, Migliore, Freya Town and Hello aMpM. Check the opening times before you go here, we went on a Monday around 10 am, and we were surprised to find that a few of them were closed! If you like Korean fashion, this is a good place to shop.. However prices aren’t as cheap as I hoped, and the price range is comparable to clothes here in Australia.  To get here look for the Dongdaemun station and exit from there.  For more information look at this website.

After we’ve had our fill of shopping, we went all the way to Star Avenue, located near Lotte World theme park.  This is a bit farther away and took around 30-45 minutes by train.  To get here look for the Jamsil station exit.  If you’re into K-pop culture or K-dramas, then this is a good pitstop on the way to Lotte World to pass an hour of your time. Like the Star Avenue in Myeongdong, this area also has various displays of clothings and props of various famous Korean stars outside.

And inside, there are different activities that you could do to be a part of this K-pop culture.

Take pictures with a bevy of male Korean stars (even if its just cardboard cutouts)

The drama reading room for a chance to dub a korean series.  They offer a CD recording for you to buy as remembrance.

And other activities like horoscopes, quiz trivia, and writing a message for your favorite star.

Then our FAVORITE part of star avenue.. dressing up!! For a fee you get to choose one of the sets here, dress up in the costume for that set, and take pictures!  Unfortunately they don’t allow us to use our own digicam, so here’s just a shot of one of the sets here.

Afterwards it was dinner back at Dongdaemun.  We met up again with my friend from Korea, who ordered SUPER SPICY dishes for us.

It was yummy, but I kept drinking water each bite I took.  I forgot the name, but the dish was spicy squid and pork with the rice cake thingy called topokki. For a non spicy option we had mussels, and for sides the mint leave with fish eggs.

Next day we stayed close to Myeongdong for last minute gift shopping..

There’s lots of foreign clothing brands available like H&M, Zara, Uniqlo.. But what I found worth shopping here was cosmetics.

One of their popular items is the B.B. cream.  It’s sunscreen, foundation, concealer and powder in one.  For lazy people like me who just can’t be bothered to put all those different items in my face.. perfect makeup item to buy!  My friend whose sister is a makeup artist always buys the Missha brand B.B. cream.  So I tried and bought one for myself.  In Australia they sell it for around $36+ AUD, but here I got the same one for $12 AUD.. Yey to cheaper makeup!

Gift shopping for friends was easy as there was so much cheap yet cute cosmetics everywhere.. from lip glosses, hand creams, and perfume sticks.

After our shopping, it was time for my cousin and her friend to head back home, while I travelled solo to Jeju Island!! (to be continued in the next post)


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