Travel to Jeju Island (East Coast)

2nd day of my Jeju Island tour and I’m off to the East Coast of the island. First stop is to the Trick Art Museum.. the place is filled with art that you can pose with for optical illusions.. These are a few of my faves:

Next stop was a glimpse into the local culture of the place as we were taken to a traditional Seongeup Folk Village.

Next we were taken to a UNESCO heritage site.. Seongsan sunrise peak

It’s around 30-45 minutes to get to the top.. but boy was the view worth it..

We hurriedly headed back down to catch the Women’s divers show.. In Jeju Island ladies 50 yrs old and up would still go diving for pearls or sea creatures in order to earn money.. Amazing to see these old ladies still having the stamina to do this everyday!!

And last stop of the day.. Manjanggul lava tube, another UNESCO world heritage site.

lava flowlines

After it was time for me to head back to Seoul, so I requested to be dropped off at the airport instead of the hotel.. (yipee didn’t have to pay extra to get to the airport)

Overall, a wonderful experience of Jeju Island.. really glad I took this tour.


4 thoughts on “Travel to Jeju Island (East Coast)

  1. Hi, i stumbled upon your blog while doing some research for jeju. I’m going over in april. Would like to check how long is the Yeha Tour for each course and what time will it end? We’re planning to take a day tour on our last day in Jeju before the flight back.. Thanks!

    • Hi!

      You’re finished by 5 pm 🙂 I did the same thing as well.. Bring your luggage into the bus, and tell the tour guide so they know what time you have to be in the airport.. To be safe I booked a flight back for around 8 pm.. But we were pretty much on schedule so I had to wait awhile in the airport

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