Gong Xi Fa Cai!! (Happy Chinese New Year)

Happy Chinese New Year!! The thing I love about Melbourne is the diversity of cultures I get to experience even without travelling overseas!

This year a vietnamese friend invited me to their house for dinner.. And after I went with them to a temple near their place to see how they celebrate the event..

I always thought that temples would be such a solemn and quiet place.. But not during the new year! The place was packed with people, filled with colorful lights like in Christmas, and had a festive atmosphere.. As if in a party!!

First the people kneel in front of this statue and shake some sticks to get their fortune for the year.. They throw the sticks and get a number which has a specific fortune for them for the year of the snake..
Next its to the temple to burn incense and pray.

The carvings and statues around the temple was beautifully lit up

And you an test your luck in the money tree! Pick a red envelope and see if you win a prize! If you win, this starts your year in a good note and hopefully predicts your luck for the rest of the year.

A really fun experience, and for Westerns, an interesting insight to the Eastern’s beliefs..

Will definitely be adding Vietnam to my travel wishlist!


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