Summer at Whistler Mountain

For adventure and amazing scenery in Vancouver.. you definitely have to include Whistler Mountain in your itinerary.

Whistler Mountain is best known as a ski resort for winter, but it has a lot to offer during the summertime as well.

To get here, my friend rented a car and drove for around 2 hours to get to Whistler village. Luckily she had enough points for a free night accommodation at Westin Hotel.

Westin hotel

Even just looking outside our room window, we already had such amazing views of the mountain

During the summer, the activities offered here are mountain bike riding, ziptreks and the all terrain vehicle.

overview of the Whistler village

We booked a package activity which included a ziptrek and ATV (all terrain vehicle) ride.

The ziptrek consisted of 3 courses, and were taught some tricks we can do while on it.

going upside down

The one I was especially looking forward to was the ATV ride.. I’ve never done this before so it was a cool experience to be doing this against such an amazing landscape..

The option we took is called the “Mountain Explorer”.. It’s a 2 hour ride that goes through mud pits, hilly terrains, a forest path before stopping to admire a bird’s eye view of Whistler village.

The next day was all about sightseeing as we took the Peak 2 Peak gondola ride. This is 2 gondola rides that take you to the peak of Whistler and Blackcomb mountain.

Everywhere I looked, it was just a wow moment for me… And since I’ve never seen snow before, seeing the pristine white snow covering he mountain was doubly amazing.. Rather than trying to describe it.. I’ll just show you the pictures I got:

To the Whistler Mountain Peak..

here’s how high up we are

To the Blackcomb peak

Whenever I think of Vancouver, Whistler mountain will always be the experience that I will always look fondly on.. and I’m so thankful that I got the opportunity to see this amazing place during my visit there.


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