NZ Travel: Christchurch.. Aftermath of the earthquake

Today is the 1st day of our NZ south island trip.. First stop is in Christchurch for an overnight stay before heading out to pur next destination.

Just the view outside our plane before landing has got us excited because of the beautiful view of snow capped mountains amidst a sea of dense clouds..

Sadly its a whole different story upon our exploration of the city, which is still trying to recover from the aftermath of the earthquake..

A lot of the buildings are either gone or badly damaged, and some roads have been blocked due to the state of the roads.

One building in particular that was badly destroyed is the cathedral church, one of the iconic buildings pf this city.. Despite that you can still tell that this was a beautiful work of arcitecture.

While reconstruction on the buildings are being done, makeshift shops and pubs have been set up with shipping crates and othe construction items.

There still remained some beautiful spots that thankfully has not been affected by the earthquake.

It might take awhile, but I hope Christchurch can get back on its feet and recover from this incident.. Already the city has started planning how they want to restore the buildings that have been lost, and posted at the city centre signs of how they envision the future Christchurch to be.


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