NZ Travel: The Tranzalpine train ride (Christchurch-Greymouth)

Day 2 of the NZ trip! We start the day early to head for a popular scenic train rides in NZ.. The tranzalpine train.

There’s this really good website where I got information on the booking for the train.. For overseas visitors, if you book directly from the website, you might not be aware that you’re actually paying more than you should. If you call them up in the NZ number, you’ll find the ticket price significantly cheaper (from 169 nzd we got it at 119 nzd instead).

Then make sure you confirm the booking 24 hours before.. Since its an NZ number we asked our accommodations to confirm the booking for us. They also arranged the transportation to get us to the train station. It picks us up directly in our motel, most importantly it’s free!!

You can take the return ride and do this as a full day trip.. Or in our case we booked one way tickets going to Greymouth and continue our trip from that point.

So we bring our luggages where it’s stored in the luggage car of the train.. And from there we just sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

The interior of the train looks new and well maintained.. There’s a breakfast menu with food less than 10nzd (pretty cheap prices).

There’s an audio commentary all throughout the ride which gives interesting info on the places you pass through.

For the first hour there wasn’t really much to see.. But halfway through the ride, everyone was on their feet taking photos as we passed by beautiful views of mountains and lakes. These are just shots from my iphone at the moment

After the 4 hour ride we arrived at Greymouth.  From there we took our car rental before heading off to Franz Josef, we took a pitstop at Punakaiki pancake rocks, which is just a 1 hour return trip from Greymouth.


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