NZ Travel: Exploring the Fiordlands

Our next destination in this amazing New Zealand road trip is a place called “one of the most dramatic and beautiful parts of New Zealand”.. The Fiordland region

For this part of the trip, we stayed at Te Anau and from there took a day tour with Trips n Tramps. The tour includes transportation to Milford Sound, the cruise ride, and a guided walk.. Highly recommend this option because this one packs in more in the day than just the cruise.

A lot of people who recommended this would always just talk about the cruise.. But for me the drive to get there is as much a highlight of the tour.. These are some quick snaps I got with my iphone along the way..

The cruise itself was a bit underwhelming because the weather got cloudy.. But still happy with the shot I managed to get..

Afterwards we were given the opttion to go on the helicopter ride (299 nzd for 30-45 mins) of the area.. If you have the money for this and the weather is good.. DO IT!! This place is definitely THE perfect spot for such an activity. We saw a short film beforehand that shows the views you get here, and if not for the weather I wouldn’t have given it a second thought to go..

There are also walks you can do.. The one we wanted to do was a 2 hour walk of the Routeburn track.. This takes you to the top of the many mountains here for alpine views.. Again weather wadn’t good so instead we went on a nature walk of the rainforest.

The next day we did a less popular but equally recommended cruise of the Doubtful sound… This area gets rain more frequently so I didn’t enjoy it as much.. But you will see here a lot of waterfalls and silhouettes of the mountain ranges

Overall this was a good intro of what Fiordland has to offer, but with more time, there’s way more discoveries and explorations to do here.. It’s one of those places I definitely want to go back to and spend a longer time in.


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