NZ Travel: In and around Queenstown

It took me a while.. but finally got around to documenting the last days of my NZ South Island road trip!

The previous days have shown us amazing landscapes and breathtaking scenery that I thought there wouldn’t be anything new to impress me in this small town.

But Queenstown offers its own unique charm thanks to the beautiful backdrop of the Remarkables mountain and Lake Wakatipu.

For our whole road trip so far, the small towns we’ve stayed at didn’t really have any shops to go to.. and the food although expensive wasn’t anything special.  So for food we would just go to the supermarket and prepare our meals at the accommodations.

So I was pretty excited to see that Queenstown actually had a variety of restaurants and places to eat at.. Finally no more sandwiches and cup noodle soups!

One of the places we tried that everyone would recommend to us is this Fergburger. It was huge and juicy and filled with a variety of toppings.. just the way I want my burger!

Then for one of our lunches, we bought fresh mussells from Aggy’s shack by the pier.

For the adventurers, there are lots of different activities that you could do in Queenstown. In summer there’s bungee jumping, sky diving, jet boats to name a few.  Thanks to a voucher we found in groupon, we were able to book a 3 hour kayaking activity while here. Kayaking offered a different viewpoint from what we can see by just standing by the pier.

And a short drive from Queenstown are these scenic towns of Glenorchy and Arrowtown.

Arrowtown is a preserved gold mining town just 30 minutes drive away.

And then there’s Glenorchy, an hour’s drive away from Queenstown… also called the “Gateway to Paradise”.  Paradise is actually the name of a place where the LOTR was shot.  So a lot of tourists flock to this place to see it.

Even before reaching Glenorchy we had a few pitstops along the way to just appreciate and take in these majestic views.

town of glenorchy

road to Paradise

And so ends our 10 day road trip into South Island New Zealand.. Truly a wonderful place for adventure and sightseeing.  There’s so much more to do here that I look forward to a time when I can go back here (hopefully during the winter to offer something different).


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