Easter 2013 in Adelaide

For this Easter, we were still a bit tired from our activity filled trip to New Zealand, that we just wanted to go somewhere to take it easy and sightsee at a relaxed pace.

Thanks to a Jetstar flight promo, me and my 2 friends did a 4 day/3 night trip to Adelaide in South Australia.  Our only plan.. rent a car, and decide when we get there what to do!

We arrived on Good Friday, when everything was closed and the city was like a ghost town.  So we just spent the day walking around the city. Since living in Australia, I’ve travelled to a city in each state, and I found there’s a standard pattern as to what to expect to see (the only exception to this was Alice Springs in NT).

First there’s the Victorian style architecture

post office


Adelaide University

There’s a war memorial..

There’s a Botanical garden (some more impressive than others)..

There’s also a Japanese garden in the city called Himeji garden.  I know not a very Aussie sight but I enjoyed this more than the botanical garden.

A locally popular beach.. (a short 30 mins drive from the city centre)

Glenelg beach

And the local market

Adelaide market

That pretty much covers you for 1 whole day.

The next 2 days we made use of the car and drove to some of the out of the city places famous in Adelaide.
The first one is the Barossa Valley wineries. Australians love their wines, so actually in each state you go to (again except for the NT), they have their own local winery region.  But according to Masterchef Australia (and google), Barossa valley is supposedly the best one in Australia.
We’re not really drinkers, and I was driving, so I couldn’t drink much.  But if you’re a big fan of wines, just ask the Visitor’s info centre in the town of Tanunda. (or check this website http://www.barossa.com/)
And because I’m such a fan of Masterchef, I wanted to go to the Maggie Beer farm shop (she is a local celebrity chef known for home grown produce and home style cooking).  The area is quite busy so we didn’t stay long and I just bought something to take home..
What I do love to do is sightseeing and taking pictures.. So for that, a good spot to go to is Bethany lookout (which is also near another winery you can do tasting in).  From here you can get picturesque views of the grape fields and hills around the area.
Next day, we drove to a preserved German village called Hahndorf.  It’s just a 20 minute drive from Adelaide, so you can easily explore the area in half a day.  While I haven’t gone to Europe yet, this village is the next best thing to getting a feel of what a small town in Germany would look like.
I absolutely loved just walking along the streets and going into the different shops here in Hahndorf.  There was the local shops selling different knick knacks.. from toys, clothes, shoes, to cuckoo clocks!
And so many food choices!! Try staying here and having breakfast and lunch here.  There was so many things I wanted to try but we already ate breakfast before we went here 😦
Also lots of free tastings of cheese, fruits (strawberries were really sweet!) and other dessert goodies..  The strawberry smoothie was so refreshing, that I ended up buying after being given a free taste 😀
By the early afternoon we have walked the whole street already and decided to head back to the city.  I initially wanted to try going to the Adelaide hills lookout, but it was raining  so we won’t really get to see anything.
When we arrived in the city in the afternoon (I think it was around 4 pm already), it stopped raining so we thought about where else we can go.  My friend suggested Port Adelaide which was a harbour area less than 30 minutes drive from Adelaide.  When we got there we couldn’t find it and instead saw warehouses that looked empty and not touristy… But it was a good thing we decided to keep on driving.. and through a fluke, stumbled into Semaphore, just a short distance from the area where Port Adelaide is.
And lucky enough, we caught their yearly kite festival event!  The atmosphere just did a complete 180 when we got to Semaphore.  The sun came out, the skies were blue and clear, heaps of people walking along the pier, music blasting in the speakers, and colourful kites floating in the sky.
For food, there’s nothing really authentically “Aussie” to try. But one place that a lot of Adelaide locals would recommend is this popular Chinese fusion restaurant called Concubine. Wonderful service and delicious food 😀 (For the menu look at their website http://concubine.com.au/)
And this is it for my Adelaide trip!  If you do plan to stay longer (say 5 days), one place I think might be interesting to add on is Kangaroo Island.  This place is maybe 3 to 4 hours from Adelaide, so this is best for at least an overnight stay.
But otherwise if you’re going for a short, laid back trip.. just going around Adelaide and surrounds isn’t a bad option 🙂

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