What to see in Bandung..

Bandung is more known for shopping and food, but there are some places to go to for sightseeing or to get exposure to the local culture.

One of them was a cultural performance in Saung Angklung Mang Udjo. This is both a performance venue and a school for kids to learn how to play the local musical instrument the angklung.

The Angklung is made by carving out these bamboo sticks in such a way as to produce a certain key. Before the show, we got to see these ladies in action making the instruments.

Then came the performances.  First up was some dance performances.. This one is called a Helaran dance.. a ritual done for a boy who is about to be circumcised.



the boy to be circumcised is carried by his friends

Another interesting one was this traditional mask dance.  The movements were soft during the parts they didn’t have the mask on, and would change to stronger, more agressive movements when they are wearing the mask.

Then there was the angklung performances! The first one had kids of all ages coming over and singing while playing the angklung.

Then they also had a portion with audience participation.. all of us were given an angklung each and actually played some well known songs like Edelweiss and the Do-Re-Mi song from The Sound of Music to name a few.

The show ended with a wonderful angklung orchestra performance of Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”. It was just a feel good show and everyone was quietly singing along as the kids performed the well known song.

The whole performance lasted for around 2-3 hours, so this is a pretty good activity to do if you only have half a day to spare.

Then my client took us to Padma Hotel for dinner.  This isn’t exactly a “tourist” spot.  But nevertheless I’m mentioning it here because I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, and is a good hangout spot to have lunch or dinner.  The hotel is close to the mountains so there’s lovely views here while you relax and enjoy your meal.


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