PHL | Weekend getaway to Misibis Bay

It’s been a while since I last travelled out of town in the Philippines.  And as much as I enjoy the OZ style of travelling (where it’s typically hikes and driving to explore sights in an area)… I do miss the beautiful tropical scenery of the Philippines, and being able to just sit back and have someone else take care of you (and not have to break your budget to do so).

Thanks to a voucher bought off the Deal Grocer website, I was able to book a 3day/2nights getaway to a popular high end resort here in the Philippines, Misibis Bay.

It’s located in the Bicol region, and is a one hour drive from Legazpi Airport.  The accommodations are individual villas that depending on the season and type of room, can range from USD 470-1489 per night!

The voucher I got was around $912 USD which covered 3 days/2 nights accommodation in a 1 Bedroom deluxe villa, which is good for 4 adults and 2 kids.  This included free breakfast for 4, airport transfers, a 1 day city tour of Legazpi, and use of the non motorized equipment…

Upon arrival, they had the driver and one staff ready and waiting to pick us up.  We did the city tour on the first day which took us to the following places:

Lignon Hill lookout

Cagsawa ruins

Dacaga church

And the main attraction of Albay that I still remember memorizing when I was in grade school.. The Mayon volcano – widely known because of it’s perfect cone shape.

Mayon Volcano

Besides attractions, the guide also took us to some local shops well known for offering some Bicolano food favorites.

Malunggay pandesal is also found in Manila, but the guide tells us this is where it originated from.  I don’t know what the english translation of malunggay is, but it’s a type of vegetable in the Philippines. I miss eating pandesal.. especially when it’s still warm and has the crispy outside.. It’s only 2 pesos per piece! (so 0.05 AUD) 

Another snack item recommended by the guide was their local ice cream flavors, particularly the chili ice cream! At first taste I thought it wasn’t anything special and jsut tasted like any other flavor, but after a few seconds you taste the spiciness of the chili.. an odd combination given this is a cold dish 😀

And of course, no out of town trip is complete without buying pasalubong (gifts) food for people back home. In Legazpi the popular product for this is pili nuts.

After we’re done with the city tour, we headed off to our accommodations for the next few days.. Misibis bay resort! It’s an hour’s drive from the city, so once here it’s not easy to go out and explore anymore.. But good for if you want privacy.

The villa is lovely and has free wifi and cable TV.. So even if I didn’t go out anymore, I would be content to just stay here and lounge around.

There are several water and land based activities to do.  From swimming at the lagoon pools, to the water based activities in the nearby beach (some free and some you have to pay)

My family wasn’t on the adventurous side, so we didn’t really do much except for the sunset cruise.. Perfect for our theme of just being lazy and relaxing.

snacking while on the cruise

after the sunset cruise

Overall the experience was a good getaway to just relax and be lazy.  The staff was welcoming and accommodating and very willing to take pictures for you (which is a big plus for me).  However if your main goal is exploring and adventure, personally I think there would be other places better to go to.

As for whether I’d do this again, personally for the price they set, I think there are still improvements to be done in the place before I’d be willing to pay that much for another trip here.


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