PHL | Corazon: Filipino-Hispanic Cuisine

by blueclouds

Shangrila Mall in Shaw Boulevard EDSA recently had its renovation and the opening of the new Wing – The East Wing.  This side of the mall houses the high-end shops and as well as new restaurants.

My  high school friends and I were supposed to have our dinner at  Wildflour in Podium, however since the restaurant usually has long queues of customers waiting to be seated, we decided to transfer to Shangrila Mall instead and try the new restaurants.

We were down to 2 choices – Corazon (Filipino-Hispanic) and Akira (Japanese).  None of which we have tried before.  To have something different, we chose Corazon.

Prior to meet-up with my friends, I was invited by Mike (mikelaagan) to join him and other bloggers:- Fitz (thirstyblogger), Don (bonggaba), and Rina (rina-alcantara) to attend the annual bloggers’ event known as iBlog (now on its 9th year) which was held at Malcolm’s Hall of the University of the Philippines.  The event ended at around 5:00 in the afternoon, and everyone was hungry.  Since they are not decided where to go, I suggested to join me and my friends for dinner to try out as well the new restaurant — Corazon.

Corazon serves Filipino-Hispanic cuisine and under Chef Florabel. Their menu list was presented in a creative way whereby names of food are based on Spanish words instead of the actual name.  Though it is quite confusing and hard to remember.

Our long table at Corazon

For customers to have some food to munch over while we wait for our orders, this restaurant gives a bowl of free cornick (deep fried corn kernels).  And you could request for more.

Cornick (complimentary appetizer)

For appetizer, we had Cabeza which is crispy Calamares (squid) that comes with 2 dips: romesco sauce and sweet chili

Cabeza / Calamares (P325)

For our rice, we ordered Paella Valenciana which is topped with shrimps, eggs, squids, mussels and mixed with some vegetables, chicken, chorizo and pork strips.

Paella Valenciana (P595)

For our viands:

Magellan / Baked Scallops (P395)

Magellan is scallops with garlic and cheese served on a plate of rock salt to let customers to add salt as desired.

Sorolla / Adobo (P350)

Sorolla is chicken and pork adobo with kesong puti.

Torres / Tilapia (P350)

Torres, deep fried tilapia (fish) stuffed with ensalada drenched in mango sauce.

Torres / Tuna Belly (175/100 grams)

Ciudad Real / Lechon Kawali with Laing (P3950

Pictures may be deceiving to be delicious but none of these has satisfied my taste buds.  Magellan (Baked Scallops) and Paella Valenciana are both lacking in taste, quite blunt.  On the other hand, Sorolla (Adobo) was too salty.  Trinidad (Tuna) might have been overcooked as it was not that juicy as I expected instead was dry. For the other food we tried, nothing special that will keep me craving for.

Prices are expensive roughly P500-P800 per person for group sharing meal.  Value for money was not achieved as it was not satisfying and stomach-filling as well.

On an overall note, I won’t recommend Corazon.  There are other restaurants worth trying instead.


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