PHL | Live Healthy, Eat Correctly at Zigla!

by blueclouds

In this fast-paced modern age lifestyle, we tend to overlook the food we take in.   We just eat whatever and whenever as long as it satisfies our taste buds or merely to just to fill in our stomach.  We tend to set aside on its health values.  We are what we eat.

In April 2012, I consulted Nutritionist with regards to my diet.  I was given a daily meal plan with the recommended amount of servings to be taken in: 60 grams protein, 1600 calories, 2500 mg potassium and 2200mg of sodium.  But due to busy schedule, I am unable to follow and prepare the said daily meal plan.  But the most important here is to prevent intake of so much salt/sodium, maximum of 4 teaspoons a day was recommended.  I have chosen to live healthy as well by limiting meat intake, when eating out, I choose chicken, fish and vegetables instead.

Restaurants offering healthy food are seldom seen around.  Gladly, a food stall was opened early June 2013 at Robinson’s Place Magnolia food court (Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines) – named Zigla! Eat Correctly


Zigla! Number

Zigla’s slogan is r.u.e.c (Are you evolutionary correct?).  The food on their menu have its nutritional value which are 300 calories or less and giving you options to have High Fiber, Gluten Free, Lean Protein and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).  The food is prepared as you order, all ingredients are fresh and they only use beef from grass-fed cows, free-range chicken, and farm-fresh organic vegetables.

Menu is categorized into three: e.c. Rice, e.c. Pasta, e.c. Classics (Wraps and Sandwiches).  You may choose from the preset meals or you can mix-and-match depending on what you desire by using the form they provide.  The food is placed and sealed in a parchment paper before it is placed in the oven for baking.

Zigla! Chicken Salad

Zigla! food wrapped in Parchment Paper

Zigla! White Fish with Black Rice

Zigla! Salmon with Black Rice

Zigla! Spaghetti with White Fish

To quench your thirst, Zigla! also has their own e.c.Juice Blends which are fresh veggie-fruit fiber, pH-adjusted and non-acidic.  Combinations are as below:

Zigla! Juice Blends

Yellow – pineapple + apple + celery + lemon (100cal)
Orange – orange + carrots + celery + lemon (100cal)
Green – kale + parsley + apple + lemon (100cal)
Red – beets + turnips + carrots + ginger (100cal)
Kombucha Tea (13cal)
Kombucha Ginger (30cal)

The Yellow tastes more of the pineapple, this is quite safe to drink.  The Orange you can still feel the carrots as you drink.  The Red is for the brave ones as the beets and ginger could taste weird but are really good for the body.  The Kombucha both taste sour.

My overall assessment is you get the value of your money with these healthy food and drinks that they serve.  Eating the correct food does not mean sacrificing the tastes.  I liked how the salmon and white fish were cooked just right.  I highly recommend this to everyone, and let us all be health-conscious in what we put into our bodies.  I hope Zigla! would open more branches as well near my area. I will visit again Zigla! to try their other food in the menu.

Zigla’s Menu (downloaded from Zigla’s facebook page)

Zigla! Menu

Zigla! on Facebook:

Zigla Robinsons Magnolia
Fast Food Lower Ground Floor
Aurora Blvd corner Dona Hemady Street
New Manila, Quezon City

Zigla Zuellig Building (soon to open)
Laza Food Court
2nd Floor, Zuellig Building
Paseo de Roxas corner Makati Avenue
Makati City


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