PHL | 4 Days Trip to Dumaguete – Siquijor

by blueclouds

It was in 2011 when I had Dumaguete in my bucket list as one of the of places to visit, bought a Metrodeal voucher but then later on asked to be refunded due to problems encountered with their merchant.

Around 6 months ago, we booked the flight to Dumaguete via Cebu Pacific. There should be 5 of us, however due to work duties, 2 had to back out. We took the 07:10 AM flight from NAIA Terminal 3, and arrived at around 8:30 AM at Dumaguete’s Sibulan Airport.

Upon reaching Dumaguete, we looked for transportation going to the Port to Siquijor. There were 2 options: Tricycle costs PHP120 while a taxi costs P150. With the minimal difference, we chose to ride the taxi instead.

At the port, we were able to ride the 9:00 AM Ferry to Siquijor. The ferry ride took 1 hour. We were amazed of how clean the water even at the port. Outside the port, we then looked for our multi-cab driver – Kuya Benehildo (You may contact him at (+63) 916-4528674 should you need service in Siquijor).

We first proceeded to our accommodation named Old Ye Shanty before we began our tour for the day. I will be dividing the Dumaguete-Siquijor article into sub-articles.

Siquijor: Accommodation – Old Ye Shanty
Siquijor: Transportation
Siquijor: Food
Siquijor: Balete Tree | Cambugahay Falls | Lugnason Falls
Siquijor: Capilay Spring Park | Guiwanon Spring Park
Siquijor: Salagdoong Beach Resort | Cang-Isok House | Coco Grove Resort
Siquijor: Churches
Siquijor: Itinerary and Costing

Dumaguete: Accommodation – Harold’s Mansion Inn
Dumaguete: Transportation
Dumaguete: Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries
Dumaguete: 2 Story Kitchen
Dumaguete: Casaroro Falls
Dumaguete: PulangBato / Red Rock Falls
Dumaguete: St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral and Bell Tower
Dumaguete: Itinerary and Costing


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