PHL | Siquijor: Balete Tree , Cambugahay Falls , Lugnason Falls

by blueclouds

These are the sites we have visited on our first day in Siquijor.


After having our lunch in some “carinderia” (small store that sells cheap home-style food), we started our tour by visiting the Old Enchanted Balete Tree.

The Balete Tree is known as the majestic and popular landmark in Siquijor as such it is one of the must see sites should you visit this province. It is believed to be 400 years old and is approximately 50ft in height. It is locally known as the oldest and biggest tree in the province.

Balete Tree standing tall

This locally known balete tree or dalaki is a type of ficus (or fig tree) and is a relative of the strangler fig tree and called such due to the fact that it grows around a host tree and strangles it. Over the years, the roots of this tree have become massive and un-identical and have surrounded the tree. These hanging roots and vines have added to the eeriness of this tree.

Balete Tree and its roots

Balete Tree and its roots

Balete Tree and the hanging roots and vines

Legends and myths have been attached to this tree which is actually not surprising as it was mentioned this tree is centuries old. It is also known as a dwelling place for supernatural beings. Water flows underneath the tree which flows straight to a man-made pool or stream. The locals could not tell where the water comes from thus adding to the mystery of this tree.

Balete Tree and the fishes in the water

In the said stream, one can see fishes swimming the place. When we arrived in the place, we’ve seen people taking a dip into the water and even use it as their laundry area. We dipped our feet into the water and let the fishes nibble our skins. In Wikipedia, known as Doctor Fish which is the name given to the species of fish Garra rufa. The experience was memorable and relaxing. At first, feels like weird combination of being tickled and electrocuted as the fishes munch over your dead skins. But later on you’ll get used to and won’t mind them.

Free Fish Spa at the Balete Tree

The Balete tree is located in Barangay Campalanas in the town of Lazi and just a few minutes away from Capilay Spring.


How I loved waterfalls, as such this should not be missed when going to Siquijor. The Cambugahay signage is big enough thus something that cannot be missed. There is no entrance but only parking fee of PHP20.00. In order to see the first level of the falls, one has to go down and up the 135 stone steps.

This way to Cambugahay Falls

The quite long way down is rewarding upon seeing the first level of the falls. It is a series of small cascades which is just over 7 feet in height.

Cambugahay Falls, the first level you will see

Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls

We walked further up to see the upper level of the falls.

Cambugahay Falls

We went into the water to try it and as well as somehow freshen up after the walk we’ve done. Unfortunately, my underwater camera suddenly was broken and won’t work.

On our way down the falls and back to the entrance, we’ve seen some locals doing some dive and as well as hang on the vines and drop themselves into the water.

Diving at Cambugahay Falls

Diving at Cambugahay Falls

Hold and Drop

Hold and Drop

Hold and Drop

Hold and Drop

Hold and Drop

Hold and Drop

Cambugahay falls is located in Barangay Poo in the town of Lazi. It is recommended to wear swimming shoes when going to this site.


The Lugnason Falls is not as popular and visited frequently by tourists as that of Cambugahay Falls but has its own beauty and roughly just a 5 minute walk. I have found out this falls while doing research for the itinerary. However, upon seeing the falls, one can still go further down but we were lazy and are not planning to swim so we managed to just take pictures.

This way to Lugnason Falls

Lugnason Falls

Lugnason Falls

Lugnason Falls and Me

Lugnason falls is located in Barangay Napo in the town of San Juan. No entrance fee.


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