PHL | Siquijor: Food

by blueclouds

We did not find any recommended restaurant / food in the province. Our first meal was lunch at a “carinderia” (small store that sells cheap home-style food). We ordered vegetables and some sort of pork humba (meat cooked with soy sauce).


Pork Humba

We were not happy with the food as such we decided to have home-cooked for our dinner and breakfast. After our tour on Day 1, we asked our driver to drop by the market for us to buy some ingredients. Good thing we all agreed to have fish and vegetables. The fishes are cheap (3kg only costs less than PHP500)

Fish Market

Fish Market

Edward was our designated cook. Menu for the night was boiled fish with squash and fried fish. These were way better than the food we had for lunch.

What’s Cooking?

Boiled Fish with Squash

Fried Fish

On our Day 2 in Siquijor, I thought of having a try of the food at Coco Grove Resort which is a high-end accommodation in Siquijor and has its own restaurant. Entrance fee is PHP200 per person but is consumeable for the food. I thought it won’t hurt to try it since we are there already, unfortunately was disappointed with the food, I expect it to be pricey but was hoping to have a good taste.

Coco Grove Resort – Spring Rolls (PHP205)

Coco Grove Resort – Sinigang na Hipon (PHP160)

Coco Grove Resort – Margherita Pizza (PHP320)

So for dinner, we decided to have home-cooked food instead. Menu was bitter gourd with egg & sardines. No picture though.

I would highly suggest to just do your market in Siquijor and cook at where you stay if it would be possible.  It would be cheaper and you will be more satisfied.


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