PHL | Siquijor: Salagdoong Beach , Coco Grove Resort , Cang-Isok House

by blueclouds

The following sites are part of our Day 2 in Siquijor.


Salagdoong beach is one of the most common beaches in Siquijor.  It is located in Maria and is roughly an hour away from where we were staying (Solangon).  We were supposed to drop by Cagusuan Beach which is also in Maria and has a picturesque seascape according to my research.  However, too bad it was closed when we passed by.  Not really sure though if it is closed for good or only that day.

So we proceeded to Salagdoong Beach Resort.  Entrance Fee is at PHP15 per person plus PHP20 for parking fee.  Upon entering the resort, I was not really impressed.  While the water is clean, the sand is not that white or fine.

Salagdoong Beach

We were really bothered as well with the concrete stairs built in the beach area.

Concrete stairs by the beach

Huts with table and benches are available for use with a fee of PHP300

Going further the left side of the resort from the entrance are some rock formations whereby one can rent some gears as well if one decides to go into the water

Some rock formations on the side of the resort

For Rent

Some Accommodations still under construction

Salagdoong Beach is known for its cliff diving site.

Salagdoong Beach

Cliff Diving at Salagdoong Beach

Cliff Diving at Salagdoong Beach

Cliff Diving at Salagdoong Beach


The Coco Grove Resort is one of the expensive resorts in Siquijor.  As we were on a budget travel, we do not find it practical to book in this resort besides we will be out most of the time and so a simple accommodation will do.  Check out Siquijor: Accommodation – Old Ye Shanty. 



Lamp Post

But since we were in the province already, thought of visiting the resort as well since the entrance fee of PHP200 per head can be consumed for the food and drinks in their restaurant – Sunset Restaurant.  To see the food we ordered – Siquijor: Food

However, if one is not checked-in the resort, there is limited access only to the facilities of the resort to provide privacy to its guests.

Coco Grove Resort

Coco Grove Resort

The ambiance in the restaurant which is a sea view is really nice to relax while eating.  We left the resort just as we finished our late lunch meals.

View from the Sunset Restaurant


It is impressive how this house was able to survive over the years.  It was built in the 1800s along the coastline of Siquijor Island.  Cang-Isok house is located in Barangay Libo, Enrique Villanueva.

Cang-Isok House

It is also called the “Tejano House”, after Mariano Tejano, a Spanish, who built it. It came to be known as “Cang-isok” since it’s located in the seaside village of Cang-isok itself. (Source:

There was no caretaker in the house.  Curious we are, we went inside to take a look.  One of us was scared enough to go inside and so was left in the multi-cab.

Going up the stairs of Cang-Isok House

The Door

An old photograph of Cang-Isok House

The bedroom

The kitchen

The stairs

How amazing Cang-Isok stood the destructions brought by time and nature. Best quality local hard woods such as “tugas” and “molave”, provided a solid foundation. The nipa sheets give the house a natural touch. Cang-isok was built on stilts to elevate the house a few meters above the ground.  (Source: