What to see in Bandung (part 2)

by ozchinita

Just a few weeks ago, I was suddenly asked to go back to Bandung in order to help the client finish some activities.

In my previous trip, I posted some entries about the food, the shopping, and one of the tourist spots of Bandung.

So this time I wanted to do some more sightseeing that I didn’t get to do previously. Thankfully in this trip the client offered to have a driver take me to one of their well known attractions nearby, the Tangkuban Prahu.  

It’s an active volcano around 40 minutes drive from Bandung (if without traffic). The drive to get there had some nice views of the mountains so we took a few stops along the way..

Besides the picture of the crater, here are some other random shots I took.

random souvenir items sold here

a different perspective

There’s also an option to walk down to see the crater up close.. But was too lazy to do the 2km walk so I didn’t bother anymore.  But if you want to go down you’ll have to hire a guide from them before you’re allowed.  My driver said you can actually cook an egg in the sulfur below.

Another nearby stop we went to was the green tea plantation along the way.

my kind driver 🙂

only picture with me in it 🙂

A good half day activity if you have time to spare in Bandung 🙂


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