Adelaide revisited: Museums

By ozchinita

To continue my previous post on exploring more of Adelaide, one other good option especially on rainy/cold days is the museums.

The South Australian Museum and Art Gallery of South Australia are both located in North Terrace and are right next to each other so you can easily do both in half a day.

Best part, admission is free except for special exhibitions.  Like most Australian places, opening hours are only until 5 pm, so make sure if you want to do this to not go after that time.

We arrived in the Museum around 4.30 pm, so not really lots of time to look around.. Here’s a few shots I got inside the museum.

What I liked about this museum is the showcase of Aboriginal artworks.. don’t remember seeing stuff like this in the Melbourne museum…

There’s also the World Mammals gallery in the 1st floor, next best thing to get up close without fear of them stepping or biting you.

We didn’t have time to see the Art gallery next door.. so only shot here is from the outside..

And since you’re in the area as well, why not walk along the street to see the university and war memorial nearby (pictures shown in my first Adelaide visit here)


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