Adelaide revisited: Cleland Wildlife Park

By ozchinita

One of the standard things tourists would do when visiting Australia is to go see the koalas and kangaroos. There are wildlife parks in most of the cities in Australia that offer you an up close look at these popular Aussie animals (I know Melbourne and Sydney have them).  But if your only chance to do this is in Adelaide, then head to Cleland Wildlife park. The park is around a 30 minute drive from the CBD.. And while in the area you can go to the nearby Mt Lofty Summit to see views of the city.

It was raining when we went so lots of fog and very cold.. But still not a bad trip as the photos had a spooky/mysterious effect to it because of all the fog.

The nice thing about these wildlife parks is that unlike zoos, the animals are not enclosed in cages.  So you can get close to touch the animals in their habitat.

Here are some other photos I took of the animals in action..

they were fighting over the food pellets scattered in the ground

Besides kangaroos and koalas, the park also had some other Aussie animals like..

Tasmanian devil


called a potaroo.. but looks disturbingly like a rat

Entrance to the park is not free so check the website for prices.  They also charge an extra $2 if you want to buy pellets you can feed to the kangaroos in the park. And for a souvenir photo to hold a koala, they charge $15 for a souvenir photo.


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