Adelaide revisited: Hahndorf

I’ve touched on this place before in my first trip to Adelaide here… but I loved it so much that I wanted my friend to see it even if I have to go a 2nd time around..

Hahndorf is a small town in Adelaide Hills, 30 minutes drive from the city and just a short distance from Cleland Wildlife park. It’s considered as Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement.

shot of the village during Autumn

So what is there to do while in this town?

For one, free tastings!! Just walk along the streets and you’ll see signs of free tastings from dips, cheeses, wines and chocolate fudge.

We didn’t plan on buying anything.. but after tasting this particular spread, both me and my friend both ended up buying a jar each.. just $9!

Another thing I loved about this town is just seeing the different shops and cute trinkets and display items they have.

Some local discoveries…

this sign got our attention

just boil with water and voila.. chocolate pasta!

Another fave of mine is the strawberry smoothie.. I don’t know what it is about their smoothies.. but it tasted so refreshing and when I had my friend try it.. she loved it so much that after a few minutes she was more than halfway done already before I can take a picture!

A friendly local we met

Overall a lovely town to spend half of the day in..


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