PHL | Dumaguete: Transportation

by blueclouds

The basic transportation in Dumaguete is the tricycle with a fare of PHP9.00 per head on short distance.  Dumaguete is just a small city and we were able to walk around from the plaza to our Hotel.  However, to go to the tourist spots which are from the city, either you hire a van if you’re a big group but for our case we are only 3.

We first rode a tricycle from our hotel and driver agreed to bring us to our destination – Casaroro Falls and Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao – for a cost of PHP1,000.  Quite a good deal versus the PHP4,000 van rental (could have been a good choice if we were a group of 4 or 5).  Upon reaching Valencia Plaza, we were told by the driver that we will transfer to habal-habal (motorcycle).  Each motorcycle costs PHP200 roundtrip.  Apparently the tricycle ride was a deception which we learned after our Casaroro Falls hike during a conversation with our motorcycle driver/guide.  So we went back to Valencia Plaza and talked to the tricycle driver and paid PHP250 and told him to go back to Dumaguete City and no need to wait for us.  In our desire to save up, it was such sad experience to be fooled, how bad people could be just to earn money.  Apparently there is a jeepney from Dumaguete City to Valencia which costs only PHP15 and travel time is about 30 minutes.

Actual Cost Could Have Been Cost
Per Person (in PHP) Per Person (in PHP)
Tricycle to Valencia 83.33
Jeep to Valencia 15.00
Motorcycle to Casaroro Falls 200.00 200.00
Motorcycle to Red Rock Falls 300.00 300.00
Entrance Fee to Red Rock Falls 15.00 15.00
Motorcycle to Hotel 200.00
Jeep to Hotel 15.00
Expense per person 798.33 545.00

For habal-habal (motorcycle) services for your tour around, you may contact Roy (+639068771441).  For Twin Lakes, which we did not proceed to go due to its location was far, costs PHP300 roundtrip which can be lessened if 2 passengers will ride one motorcycle PHP500.  But for safety and comfort purposes, I suggest to have one passenger per motorcycle.


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