Euro trip 2013!

by oz chinita

Just got back from a tiring but wonderful trip to Europe!

This is the longest trip I’ve done that was self planned (3 weeks), and with no prior experience to base it from apart from google and asking heaps of friends and officemates.  Plus extra challenge here is that we will be going to 3 countries in this one trip, from France (Paris), to Switzerland and finally to Italy!

Heads up there will be a lot of random ramblings as I record my experiences during our travels 🙂

But just to give a sneak peek of my journey through Europe..

Covered the tourist-y spots of Paris featured in numerous tv shows and movies..

Then it’s all about nature as we take in the magnificent mountain views of Switzerland..

And then it’s more art, museums, and history in the country of Italy.

The trip was filled with bloopers (i.e. communication issues), getting lost, judgement fails, and we saw both the good and bad aspects of some of the cities.. Not a perfect trip but definitely a memorable one (both in a good and bad way) =D


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