Paris Day 1: our accommodations

by oz chinita
(Aug 31, 2013)

Finally arrived at CDG airport after 29 hours of waiting and flights.  We were eager to get to our accommodations and rest up after the long day.

The accommodation we booked is the studio apartment from A Room in Paris, which is located near the Gare du Nord station.  The location is pretty convenient to get to, Gare du Nord station is just in RER B (blue line) which is the only line coming from the airport.

A bit shocked at the state of the trains and station in Paris.. Melbourne isn’t the cleanest there is, but Paris was even worse (won’t complain about Melbourne trains again after our experience riding the trains here).

Upon stepping out of the Gare Du Nord train station, I was both excited at how different everything looked, yet a bit creeped out because of how unfamiliar everything was to me.. The area wasn’t very well lit up, there were less people around, and it just had a seedy, creepy vibe to it.

imagine a darker, less lit up version of this

Plus in Melbourne I didn’t feel like I stood out because there is such a diverse group of people here, but over there me and my friend were the only Asians around that late at night that I felt like we had big arrows pointing to us saying “TOURIST!”.

The street signs weren’t as visible so we were aimlessly walking the streets trying to find it.. Eventually after asking random people, we finally find the big green door to our accommodation.. The door leads to this REALLY DARK courtyard where we then had to figure out which building to get into. Luckily met one of the tenants who opened the building door for us so we can get into the lifts.

The lifts were extremely small.. It only has enough space for 3 people crammed together.. and you can’t even stretch your arms out it was that narrow. (Is this what typical Parisian apartments are like??)

Finally got through all of that and arrived in our room.  The room itself isn’t bad.. there was a kitchen with free juice, jam and butter.. And although old the bathroom was clean.  Wifi connection was free but not easy to access from here.

Not exactly the glamorous life I would always see from movies and shows.. but at 135 Euros a night for 3 people.. I can’t complain 🙂


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