Paris day 2: to Versailles

by oz chinita
(Sept 1, 2013)

First day of our Paris exploration, and today the agenda was a daytrip to Versailles.  Versailles is an easy daytrip you can do from Paris, and famous because of the beautiful palace and gardens where French monarchy used to live.

I had this placed on a Sunday so we can see the Musical Fountain show (which only opens in specific days).

We were told by our host that the best time to get there is around 9 am to avoid the crowds.  So by 8 we headed to Gare du Nord to buy the train tickets.

To get to Versailles by train, you have to take the yellow line and get off at Versailles-Rive Gauche. The ticket is a different price since it’s in zone 4, the total cost for a return trip is 8.20 EUR.

I’m not sure where we went wrong, but we ended up at the end of the C7 line instead.

We had to backtrack back to Viroflay Rive Gauche, and from there look for the different platform that goes to Versailles.  We knew we were on the right train this time as there was a big crowd of people on the same train.

We bought the Paris Museum pass so that we don’t need to queue up to get inside, didn’t seem to help though as we still had this long line to get in.

Finally got in by 11 am.. We went to rent the audioguide, and started our tour with the inside of the palace. Opulence, luxury, grandeur, and extravagance were the words that came to mind as we explored the different rooms inside..

There was so much going on in the rooms, from the French paintings, the statues of marble and gold, the ceilings full of patterns and colors…IMG_1084.jpg After exploring all the rooms we headed outside to the gardens. There’s more open space here so it was easier to explore without having so many people looking at the same thing. The garden here didn’t really have any flowers, it was more landscaped trees and plants, and the fountains.  When it hit 3 pm, the fountain show started and you can go and see all the fountains with water gushing out. We wandered around some more and got to this area where you climb up the stairs and see this amazing landscape view of the gardens..  IMG_1357.jpg

And at the top.. flowers! It felt weird to have gardens where I didn’t see any flowers..

Afterwards took more pictures outside of the palace, and ended at around 5 pm in the afternoon..


We were starving by then and went off to look for dinner.

(I had sooo many photos here that I want to show but tried to filter and just choose a few of my faves.. )


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