Paris day 3: around Gare Du Nord

by oz chinita (Sept 2, 2013) Although we found it scary when we first arrived, at the light of day the area is actually pretty and the sights around are typical of the streets you can find here in Paris.

But first, we went to look for what to have for breakfast.  Breakfast here regardless of whether you eat out or in the hotel, mainly consists of just bread and juice. The day before we got from a fast food restaurant a breakfast of croissant and juice for 5 euros.  But by just buying from a local bakery, we can try different types of pastries at just around 1.50 euros per pastry..

And with the free juice, butter and jam provided in the apartment, we get the typical Parisian breakfast at less than 5 euros per person.. SCORE for the cheapskates! 😀

Then it was off to Gare Du Nord station to head to our first destination for the day..

Although not the cleanest area to stay in, the advantage of staying near this train station is that a lot of the trains have connections to this station.  So whether you want to travel just within Paris, within France, or outside of France, it’s easy to get around from this station.

First destination in our agenda today.. art appreciation in the Louvre (to be continued in the next post)..


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