Paris day 3: the Louvre

by oz chinita
(Sept 2, 2013)

Within the city of Paris, there is sooo much to see that we wanted to be as efficient as possible since we just had 3 whole days left to explore.

So our plan was to pick sights that was in our “must do” list, and from there explore any other sights in our list that was near that area.

For today our first stop is the Louvre museum which is in the 1st arrondissement (district).

Some information/tips for those that want to visit the Louvre:

  • Free on Sundays, otherwise the cost is 12.10 Eur
  • Also covered by the Paris Museum pass
  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • Late night closing (9:45 pm) on Wed & Fri
  • We didn’t see this ourselves, but they say the Louvre has LOOOOONG queues. To avoid this, buy tickets in advance or get the Paris pass.
  • An internet site about the Louvre I found extremely helpful for tips on visiting this place
  • Get an audio guide or some sort of guided tour to better appreciate the artworks inside… Otherwise you’ll just be randomly looking at a lot of paintings and statues and not understand the significance.
  • For the audio guide inside the museum, there is an additional fee and you’ll be asked to leave some form of photo ID.
  • To get here by Metro, look for the Palais-Royal-Musee du Louvre station.  Enter via the Passage Richelieu entrance
 For me and my friends, first thing we wanted to see was the famouse masterpieces of the Louvre… Mona Lisa, Wedding Feast of Cana, and Venus de Milo

Since there were so many people in front of the Mona Lisa, decided to shoot it this way 🙂

part of the huge scene of the Wedding Feast of cana

wow.. talk about toned abs!

Along the way to these masterpieces, saw heaps of Greek sculptures..

And like Versailles, there was some beautiful artwork and details found in the ceilings of some of the galleries.
IMG_1476.jpgBesides seeing the famous artworks, went to see the Egyptian exhibit of the Louvre…

All the sights we went to took us around 4 hours.. and although we didn’t see everything, we were drained and more than ready to leave the Louvre..

If you have the time, try going here at night as well.. Less people to contend with and offers a different sight to see it all lit up at night.


We didn’t get to see everything in our first visit here.. And I strongly advise against trying to do so in one go.. If you have the time try doing it in two separate days, one at the morning and one at night.  Given my experience, I would probably try doing the more popular artworks at night when there is less people.. And then do the less known ones in a separate day.

In hindsight, doing the Louvre and the Versailles consecutively might not have been such a good idea as we were exhausted with how massive and crowded those 2 places were.  For those that plan to do this on their own without tours, try to put some other outdoor-sy sights in between the two so as not to overwhelm yourselves.  Either that or pick a less crowded time to visit..


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