Paris day 3: St. Eustache

by oz chinita
(Sept 2, 2013)

After having a late lunch, next stop was St. Eustache church.  Also located in the 1st arrondissement, it’s not that popular but I was curious to see it as it was mentioned as the most beautiful church in Paris.

To get here, you can take the Metro Les Halles.. It’s also walkable from the Louvre if you don’t want to spend on train tickets.  In the walk going here, you can pass by Rue de Rivoli which has heaps of shops if you feel like doing some shopping.

At the time we went, they were doing some renovations outside the church, so from the outside we weren’t impressed by it and didn’t expect much going in.
IMG_1764.jpg But once inside, me and my friends just happily wandered off on our own snapping pictures.

I loved it! From the outside you don’t realize just how huge the place is!

What I particularly loved about this church is the beautiful stained glass windows and detail found in the columns.  And with the sun light streaming through, it just made for beautiful reflections inside the church.

Entrance is free so don’t need to worry about having to pay anything.  Plus the place isn’t crowded at all which allowed us time to just take it all in.

For our whole trip to Europe, we saw several churches along the way in both Paris and several cities in Italy.. but this church still remains as one of my favorites in the trip.


3 thoughts on “Paris day 3: St. Eustache

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