Paris Day 3: around 1st and 3rd arrondissement

by oz chinita
(Sept 2, 2013)

There’s a lot of information out in the internet on what sights to go to in Paris. However because there are so many places to go to, it can get confusing as to how to best group the sights we could realistically cover in a day so we can make the most of our time.

So I’m hoping that by sharing the walking route we did below, other people can get ideas as to how they can plan their own travel here ūüôā

With the Louvre as our starting point, we were checking the map to see what walking route we could do for the rest of the afternoon. Do we go left towards the 8th arrondissement where Champs Elysee is located, or to the right towards the 3rd arrondissement where Notre Dame cathedral is? 

Given that we already spent half of the day in the Louvre already, we thought to go to the 3rd arrondissement instead since there was less sights to see here and cover the left side of Paris the following day. This is the map showing the route we ended up with.

In this route, we did a quick stop to the Tuileries garden.. an easy walk from the Louvre.

The sun was unbearably hot that we just hid in the shade and did a bit of people watching.. This was also an opportunity to take a short rest after all the walking we just did in the museum.  Also a good place to have a picnic!

As we walked to the 3rd arrondissement, we passed by Pont du Neuf bridge with all the couple locks adorning it.

And near that area there was a street market and cafes where we sat down to enjoy lunch.

Next destination was St. Eustache church, one of my fave sights in Paris.

Then we headed off to Centre Georges Pompidou which houses the largest modern art museum.

This is covered by our Paris Museum pass, so eventhough we didn’t really want to go to any more museums after the Louvre, we went in to get a brief escape from the heat. ¬†There’s a restaurant at the top if you want to eat something, also you can get views of the city from here.

After using the free wifi inside and planning where to go next. By then it was around 5 pm already and we were worried it would be too late for Notre Dame, so skipped the Notre Dame and had it moved to the next day. We instead went to Le Marais to look for a place to have dinner.


  • The nice thing about walking is getting to see the streets and buildings of Paris. ¬†So if weather and time permits, the walk getting to the tourist sights are as pretty as the sights themselves.

near Centre Georges Pompidou

  • Unless you’re an avid art fan, skip Centre Georges Pompidou.. do this only if you have done all the sights and have nothing left to do.
  • Everything we did was walkable, however the hot weather can make it an uncomfortable experience. ¬†So adjust accordingly based on how hot it is. Take a train and save yourself the hassle!
  • We didn’t plan out where to eat, so we ended up eating at random cafes with underwhelming food. ¬†If you want to experience good French food, research beforehand. ¬†I wish I had tried to find restaurants within the area where we were walking so that we can try to find those along the way. My mistake was I just found random restaurant recommendations, not considering what area those places were in. ¬†After all the walking you will do, you will be too lazy to go searching for a restaurant that is far away from where you currently are.
  • We didn’t get there in time, but if you skip Centre Georges Pompidou, you might get to the Notre Dame cathedral just before it closes.. Hopefully there’s less people during that time and you can go climb the tower. ¬†Get ready to walk though because the climb up is 400+ steps.. But I promise you the view above is well worth it!

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