Paris day 3: Seine river night cruise

by oz chinita
(Sept 2, 2013)

After our day of exploring Paris (post about it here), it was 8 pm and the weather was cooling down as the sun sets in the sky.

The sunset just made for beautiful views of the city colored by the purple/pink hues in the sky.

IMG_1770.jpgGiven the weather, we decided to join a Seine river night cruise since we were near the river already.  The next scheduled cruise was at 9 pm at Vedettes du Pont Neuf, an easy walk from Le Marais (where we had dinner).   IMG_1789.jpg

The cruise is an hour long, and I loved every second of it! After all the walking we did, this was a perfect way to end the day just sitting down and seeing all the beautiful buildings lit up at night.  These are some of the sights we saw along the way..



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