PHL | Go Chinese at Shifu Master’s Kitchen

by blueclouds

Craving for some authentic Chinese food in Metro Manila?

Head off to Greenhills area for this hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Granada St. Quezon City. It is the street in between Gilmore Avenue and Ortigas Avenue.

Shifu Master’s Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant which was formerly named as Happy Valley and also has different menu which was improved and modified. Shifu Master’s Kitchen was acquired by CCLS Grandmaster Kitchen Corporation last August 2012. According to one of its owners, Patrick Chua, “The name Shifu came about from four friends who share the same interest both in food and martial arts. Moreso, our pata bihon is next to none and as described by as mouth-watering”

For my first visit, for merienda, my brother and I tried the following: Polonchay Garlic (PHP185) which was cooked just right and tasteful, and for the dumplings we had three kinds (Sharks Fin, Kutchay, and Japanese). Kutchay Dumplings (5 pcs – PHP90) is your healthier version of eating dumplings as it is vegetable fillings. All of the dumplings are good and tasty and indeed recommended, however should be consumed within an hour to maintain its goodness. The Japanese Siomai (4 pcs – PHP65) is not your typical siomai, it comes with some sort of nido soup.


Our order – Polonchay Garlic, Shark’s Fin and Kutchay Dumplings

Japanese Siomai

Japanese Siomai (4 pcs – PHP65)

For my second visit, I invited a friend for her to try the food as well. The servings were actually quite big and can be shared by 3 people. However, there were only two of us to consume all the food we ordered.

I loved the Pata Rice(PHP155) which looks like salty because of its color but definitely not. Taste was just right and can actually stand as a meal already.

Pata Rice

Pata Rice (PHP155)

Shark’s Fin Dumplings (4 pcs – PHP65) and Pork Shrimp Siomai (4 pcs – PHP65) are favourites because of its meatiness and not just flour like others in the market. They are indeed worth coming back. Frozen dumplings are also being sold which can be brought and cooked at home.

Shark's Fin Dumplings

Shark’s Fin Dumplings (4 pcs – PHP65)

Pork Shrimp Siomai

Pork Shrimp Siomai (4 pcs – PHP65)

Lemon Chicken (PHP185) is usually one of my favourites when I eat in Chinese Restaurants. It was crunchy breaded chicken with lemon sauce which was not that sour. It has balanced flavour and indeed compliments with the Pata Rice we ordered.

Lemon Chicken

Lemon Chicken (PHP185)

The food we ordered was definitely too much for 2 persons, we had to take home some of which we were unable to consume.

When dining here, the Shifu Milk Tea (PHP70; Bottomless PHP110) is recommended as well. It was not too sweet, still has the taste of tea and has grass jelly as sinkers.

Patrick said: “We learned in Hong Kong the method for extracting the tea leaves so that taste is full and won’t taste burnt”.

Shifu Milk Tea

Shifu Milk Tea (PHP70; Bottomless PHP110)

I had my third visit on the same week I did my 2nd visit, this is to celebrate a friend’s birthday and so she decided that all of us try Shifu Master’s Kitchen.

Of course, among the orders should be the Shifu Specialties namely: Sate Fish Fillet Soup, Pata Bihon, Shifu Fried Chicken, Pork Shrimp Siomai, Shrimp Fuyong, and Three Eggs Polonchay.

Sate Fish Fillet Soup (PHP205) is good to start your meal with.

Sate Fish Fillet Soup

Sate Fish Fillet Soup (PHP205)

Pata Bihon (PHP215) is a must-try dish with its thin noodles topped with pork pieces. It has the mix of sweet and salty taste.

Pata Bihon

Pata Bihon (PHP215)

Shifu Fried Chicken (Half PHP205, Whole PHP385) is breaded chicken that is flavourful itself even without any sauce. It was crunchy and a little bit garlicky flavour.

Shifu Fried Chicken

Shifu Fried Chicken (Half PHP205, Whole PHP385)

Pork Shrimp Siomai (4 pcs – PHP65) should really be part of your orders.

Pork Shrimp Siomai

Pork Shrimp Siomai (4 pcs – PHP65)

Shrimp Fuyong (PHP225) is a big omelette with shrimps and other ingredients and with generous amount of soy sauce mix.

Shrimp Fuyong

Shrimp Fuyong (PHP225)

Three Eggs Polonchay (PHP205) is a vegetable dish that has century egg, salted egg, sauce and Chinese spinach topped with garlic.

Three Eggs Polonchay

Three Eggs Polonchay (PHP205)

Lechon Macau (PHP205) is really tasty both meat and skin. This is considered unhealthy food at least less on cholesterol with the less fat. The skin was crunchy like chicharon.

Lechon Macau

Lechon Macau (PHP205)

Pata Rice (PHP155) on my second try still was good and again can be eaten as it is!

Pata Rice

Pata Rice (PHP155)

Sizzling Beef Tenderloin (PHP215) was tender and the taste of the sauce was good.

Sizzling Beef Tenderloin

Sizzling Beef Tenderloin (PHP215)

It is a privilege to know one of the owners and that he was present that day, so we were able to try food that are yet to be released thus not in the menu yet. The Chicken Chop was already released while the Special Chopseuy is still currently being decided upon.

The Chicken Chop was flavourful and meat was really tender.

Chicken Chop

Chicken Chop

Special Chopseuy because it was not the typical chopseuy with their very own sauce but still has those vegetables and added stuffed tofu.

Special Chopseuy

Special Chopseuy

Special Chopseuy

Special Chopseuy’s Stuffed Tofu

I have seen how the menu has evolved from having just a few food choices to what now they have as 2-pages menu. They continue to improve their dishes based on comments and suggestions they receive from their customers.  This is how they value customer feedback.

Patrick said: “Before we release a new dish, it should be tasted and approved by all owners and some friends as well”

Shifu Master's Kitchen Menu1

Shifu Master's Kitchen Menu2

Patrick added: “We ensure freshness of our food by not over stocking on raw materials”

In August, Shifu Master’s Kitchen got featured in Channel QTV’s Good News show with Bea Binene whose topic was for food that just not give nutrition but as well makes us happy.

Feature at Good News QTV

Shifu Master’s Kitchen was part of the recently concluded’s Ultimate Taste Test held last September 14, 2013 with their Pata Bihon and Shifu Milk Tea.

Some well-known personalities have become restaurant patrons such as Justice Cuevas, Gloria Romero, James Yap, Richard Poon, Yeng Constantino, Joel Torre among others.

On an overall note, there is value for money in Shifu Master’s Kitchen with the food quality and taste as well as the price is affordable. Take note as well that they offer caterings and deliveries so you may want to consider them in one of your events.

Location: 58 Granada Street, Quezon City
Telephone Number: +63 (922) 8651275; +63 (2)726-1135; +63 (2) 707-4577
Facebook: shifumasterskitchen


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