PHL | The Return to Greeka Kouzina

by blueclouds

It is another catch-up dinner get-together with high school friends and the chosen restaurant by the birthday celebrant is Greeka Kouzina.

This is my second visit already, the first one being part of Hidden Food Gems of San Juan whereby we only had 3 orders because we were already on full stomach from all the food we have taken in since lunch and haven’t been digested completely yet.

For appetizer, we had Greek Caesar Salad and Kalamari.

We had not many choices for the salad actually during that time since most were unavailable. So we ordered the Greek Caesar Salad which is 100% Greek yoghurt absolutely fat free. The vegetables were fresh thus were still crunchy, dressing tasted good as well even if it was yoghurt it was not that sour.

Greek Caesar Salad

Greek Caesar Salad (PHP 310)

I loved the Kalamari which was cooked right with its crispy breading and squid was not hard to chew. The creamy dip compliments well with the kalamari.

Kalamari Tiganito

Kalamari Tiganito (PHP 260)

For the main menu, we ordered Grilled Chicken, Lamb Shoulder and Striploin. The Chicken and Lamb seemed to be over-grilled though as seen by the burnt skins. The meats were tender (except that of the Striploin) but lacks in taste so would really need to apply the sauce that comes with it. These entrees are served with Greek roasted potatoes and a choice of siding.

Kotopoulo / Grilled Chicken

Kotopoulo / Grilled Chicken (PHP 390)

Lamb Shoulder

Lamb Shoulder (PHP 495)


Striploin (PHP 495)

For the free sidings of our entrees (but can be bought separately as well at PHP 180 each), we chose Potato Fries, Shrimp Pasta and Grilled Eggplant. Among these sidings, our favourite was the potato fries topped with feta cheese and Greeka’s signature gravy. The mix of taste of sauce was really appetizing and would keep you from eating. The Shrimp Pasta is with tomato sauce served with feta cheese. Lastly was the Grilled Eggplant layered with beef tomato sauce and béchamel sauce.

Greeka Patates Tiganites / Fries

Greeka Patates Tiganites / Fries

Roka Garides Pasta / Shrimp Pasta

Moussaka / Grilled Eggplant

Moussaka / Grilled Eggplant

We had an additional order of the Dory which is oven-baked cooked with olive oil sundried tomatoes and vegetables. There was nothing extraordinary with this dish though but can be a healthier choice over the meats that were ordered.

Psari Plaki / Dory

Psari Plaki / Dory (PHP 390)

On an overall note, Greeka Kouzina can be your cheaper version of the Greek Restaurant Cyma but food quality and taste are comparably good and there is value for money. I recommend this restaurant for Greek food cravings. But of course, Cyma’s food is tastier because sometimes it comes with the price. Additionally, the gyros look interesting which could be worth coming back again to try.

The following is Greeka Kouzina’s Menu which were grabbed from their facebook account.

Menu Page 1

Menu Page 2

Menu Page 3

Menu Page 4

Menu Page 5

Menu Page 6

Menu Page 7

Menu Page 8

Menu Page 9

Menu Page 10

Menu Page 11

Menu Page 12

Menu Page 13

Menu Page 14

Location: 285 P. Guevarra St, San Juan Metro Manila
Telephone Number: +63 (2) 624-5974


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