Paris last day: around the 9th arrondissement

by ozchinita
(Sept 4, 2013)

After exploring Sacre Coeur and Montmartre, we took the metro to the 9th arrondissement area to see Opera Garnier and Galleries Lafayette.  Just get off at the Opera stop of the metro, and you’ll immediately see the Opera Garnier in front.
IMG_2288.jpgCompared to Montmartre, the area here is more upscale with lots of high end shops and cafes. IMG_2319.jpg

Opera Garnier has a beautiful exterior that reminded me of the Greek architecture found in Versailles and in the Louvre.
I was hoping to go inside, but at the time there was a performance ongoing and tourists weren’t allowed to enter 😦  For those that do want to go in, take note there’s a cost for the entrance, and it’s not covered by the Paris museum pass.

Next we took a short walk to the Galleries Lafayette, one of the high end department stores  here in Paris.

We didn’t actually have any plans to go shopping, and just went in to see the beautiful interior with the stained glass dome ceiling.

So far we haven’t had any amazing food in any of the cafes we’ve tried in Paris, so we thought to try looking for food here instead.  Galleries Lafayette has a gourmet food market area where we tried buying some of these food items.. It’s the closest to gourmet food we can have here in Paris while on a budget 😀

And for dessert, we found this really cute Japanese-French fusion patisserie inside Galleries lafayette. They had sooo many pretty looking desserts we wanted to try! This was the one we tried out 😀

There isn’t any seats and tables in this area unfortunately, so we had to bring all our food buys back to the apartment and ate there 🙂

And this was the end of the Paris leg of our journey!!

After all the opulence of statues, palaces and architecture of Paris, we were ready for a change of scenery with our next destination.. Switzerland! 😀 😀


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