My Paris 4 day itinerary

by ozchinita

For those that have never been and are researching how to go about travelling in Paris, here’s a summary of my own itinerary as well as an estimate of costs.

Day 1: arrive in Paris – did nothing since we arrived late at night.
Day 2: whole day in Versailles
Day 3: Louvre / 1st and 3rd arrondissementSt Eustache / Seine River cruise
Day 4: Notre Dame / Trocadero / Arc Triomphe / Champ Elysee
Day 5: Bastille / Montmartre / Sacre Coeur / Opera Garnier & Lafayette Galleries

Random tips:

  • There was actually time in Day 4 or Day 5 to put in watching a Moulin Rouge or Lido show at night if you want to
  • It’s not specific tourist attractions, but I would have wanted to just walk around and explore the neighborhoods of Montmartre, in Rue Rivoli, Champs Elysee, Bastille, Marais and the area where Garnier Opera is.
  • The trains are efficient but crazy crowded during rush hour… not a good experience.  Suggestion is you specifically avoid the peak times which is when people go to work or go home from work.  Or instead of trains take one of those hop on hop off buses.. Probably more expensive but more enjoyable.

Cost Summary: This is the cost per person for a group of 3 people.  Food is not included, and transportation costs may be different depending on how much walking you prefer to do.

  • Accommodations @a Room in Paris (5 nights) = 225 EUR
  • Transportation: Airport to Hotel = 9.5 EUR
  • Transportation: within the city, bought a carnet of 10 tix = 13.30 EUR
  • Transportation: Paris to Versailles (round trip) = 8.20 EUR
  • Sights: Paris 4 day pass = 63.5 EUR
  • Food: just an estimate, but we tried to keep it to max of 20-30 EUR per person for lunch/dinner.. Breakfast is less than 10 EUR.  Unless you want to go for the fancy restaurants.

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