Switzerland journey: Lausanne/Rolle

by ozchinita
(Sept 5, 2013)

From Paris, our plan was to go to Murren and stay there for 4 days/3 nights.

But we changed our plans last minute when we found out that a previous colleague from work just moved to Switzerland.  Instead we took a detour to Lausanne instead to stay overnight at my colleague’s house to catch up.

To get to Rolle, the best route would be Paris – Geneva – Lausanne and from Lausanne to Rolle.

Upon arrival in Lausanne, we just took it easy and hanged around Ouchy park.. nothing special but a welcome change from the crowds and city life of Paris.

Next my colleague drove us to their house in Rolle.  Rolle is just a small suburb close to Lausanne, not really known as a tourist attraction.  But as we drove by, I can see why my colleague decided to live here even if it’s not that close to the city. The house and the view from it was amazing!


When we arrived at the house, the three of us immediately went out to the balcony to take pictures..

We took this time to do some laundry, and my colleague shared their experiences adjusting to the life here as compared to the Philippines.  One interesting fact I learned is that in Switzerland, they take their trash seriously.

First, there was a special type of garbage bag that they need to purchase to put their trash in.  And if they move to a different area, the type of bag used might change.  Also, they’re particular about what type of trash goes in to which type of bag.  If you don’t follow the rules, the council would find out who you are by looking into the garbage bag to determine who owns it, and gives you a huge fine!

It’s strict, but you can tell as you travel around Switzerland how clean and orderly it is here compared to Paris.

After dinner, we slept early and prepared for the next leg of our trip.  This pitstop was a refreshing break going into another long day of travelling.. Next destination, the village of Murren 😀 😀


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