Switzerland Journey: Schilthorn mountain

by ozchinita
(Sept 7, 2013)

For our 2nd day here in Murren, we headed up to Schilthorn mountain.  This is also located in the Bernese Oberlands, and from Murren is just a 20 minute cable car ride up.IMG_2952.jpg
These are the views we got on the cable car ride up.

This place is also known for being one of the filming locations for a 1950’s James Bond movie.. so you’ll see lots of references to that around.  They even have a mini James Bond museum in the 2nd floor (free!). There were some fun activities like pretending to be in a James bond action scene, you can even get the video of it as a souvenir (for a price of course).

A good short trip to do while in Murren.. For details on the price and timetables, visit their website here

The price of the cable car ride is pretty pricey, so you might be able to save if you get a Swiss half fare pass (provided you do a lot of travel within Switzerland).  Or if you’re up for it, ride the cable car one way and walk down another.


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