PHL | Kapitolyo Food Trip Part 4

by blueclouds

Start the year 2014 with a Food Trip – January 04, 2014 (Saturday)

Upon reading in Pinas Muna‘s blog about the opening of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Kapitolyo, I planned to try it and invited some friends to join as well.

We went first to Capitol Commons, we agreed to try BLACK OLIVE CERVECERIA (Capitol Commons Park).  The other restaurants/shop in the area are: Nomama, Tipsy Pig, Starbucks and Santi’s Delicatessen

Capitol Commons Park

Black Olive Cerveceria

It was late lunch at 2:00 PM.

What we ordered: Lughanigue Burger (PHP475), Spaghetti with Clams (PHP280), All Meat Pizza (PHP530), Iced Tea (PHP80).  Service charge of 8.9283% is added on the total bill.

We were served with complimentary while we wait for our orders.

Black Olive Cerveceria

Complimentary Bread

What’s Lunghanigue?  In layman’s term, it means sausage.

Black Olive Cerveceria

Lughanigue Burger (PHP475)

Black Olive Cerveceria

Spaghetti with Clams (PHP280),

The Iced Tea was combination of Lipton, Lemon, Calamansi, Orange and Vanilla.

Black Olive Cerveceria

Iced Tea (PHP80)

Black Olive Cerveceria

All Meat Pizza (PHP530)

Watch out for their promos as well, they sometimes have the drink-all-you-can Sangria at PHP700+ every Friday.

Black Olive Cerveceria

Drink-All-You-Can Sangria

The verdict:
– Complimentary bread was hard.
– The truffle fries included when we upgraded our burger seems to be ordinary as we cannot taste the truffle. We tried truffle fries in Torch Greenhills and it is better.
– The iced tea tasted like prune juice as commented by one of us.
– The All Meat Pizza was disappointing as the beef was chewy and I was unable to swallow. Beef can be tricky to cook so better try those without beef next time.
– As the restaurant was still new, it still has rooms for improvement. The service was good however.

Actual Cost: (437.075 x 4) = PHP1,748.30

The Menu (grabbed from facebook: blackoliveph)

Image Not Found
Image Not Found
Image Not Found
Image Not Found
Image Not Found

Unit R3A&B Capitol Commons Park
Meralco Avenue corner Shaw Boulevard
Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila
Telephone Number: +63(926)-6730726; +63(2)-6332071

By the time we finished eating which is around 4:00 PM, FOOD TRUCKS are coming in already in Capitol Commons. We were still on full stomach but were curious of what these food trucks offer. So we walked towards the farther part of Capitol Commons. We did not try even one of these, none was appealing at that time either maybe we have just eaten or not much choices really. I noticed mostly they sell burgers.  I will try some of these food trucks maybe next time.

Food Trucks

Next stop around 5:20 PM, KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST (1st Street)

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
What we ordered: Mixed Berry Pancakes (PHP90), French Toast (PHP50), Scramble (PHP35). Service charge of 5% is added on the total bill.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

The verdict:
They just opened, unluckily though all bestsellers were not available until the 16th according to the order taker. And even those others in the menu we ordered are not available. It was quite disappointing on my first visit since I was expecting to be able to try the recommended food to order. Luckily, there was the Mixed Berries Pancakes which was yummy. Moreso, the order taker was not attentive. I have ordered fried oreos but none came. We actually ordered French Toast with eggs and bacon but was served with the basic French Toast. The French Toast was served with cinnamon syrup, it was delicious but I am no fan of cinnamon. We just let it all go and just ate and paid what was served. The scramble made the 2 of us to order after they saw mine. I am hoping to try someday when the menu is complete to be served.

Actual Cost: (36.75 x 4) + (36.75 x 3) = PHP257.25

The Menu:

Image Not Found

Location: (For detailed directions click this)
1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Store Hours: 8:00am – 12:00mn (24hrs delivery via +632-4402268)
Twitter: @kantobfast
Instagram: @kantobfast

It was still early for the night, next stop at 6:30 PM, ELEVEN TABLES (United Street)

Finally, after several tries to include in the Kapitolyo Food Trip, now it was successful.
What we ordered: Cheese + Chorizo (PHP420), Butterscotch Popcorn (PHP280). Service charge of 10% is added on the total bill.

Eleven Tables

Eleven Tables

Eleven Tables

Eleven Tables

They have a Saturday Bring your own Booze night, which can be a venue for get-togethers with friends.
You just have to order from their menu.

The verdict:
Fondue is usually chocolate so wanted to try something different so we tried the cheese dip. It was good to try, vegetables (carrot, broccoli, potato) and bread cubes are the ones being dipped into the cheese. The popcorn was ordinary but the container was a big cup. I loved the presentation.

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