Switzerland Journey: Lucerne city

by ozchinita
(Sept 8-9, 2013)

Lucerne is a city commonly included in a lot of tour packages for Switzerland.  Since our next destination after Switzerland was to go to Italy, we included a 2 night stay in Lucerne as a pitstop.

The city is nice, but wasn’t very different from the architecture and feel of Paris (except Lucerne was smaller and way cleaner).

Some of the sights/activities we did around the city..
The city is located next to Lake Lucerne, so this can be good for a cruise along the lake for daytrips to Mt. Rigi or Mt. Pilatus. (details in a future post)

Exploring the old town of Lucerne (lots of shopping here too)..IMG_3491.jpg

lots of little shops and restaurants

Seeing the Lion Monument

Shopping for swiss chocolate and watches..

And having fondue for dinner..IMG_3745.jpg
Personally, I think one day is enough time to explore the city and shop for gifts/souvenirs.  Allot another day if you want to go on daytrips to Mt. Rigi or Mt. Pilatus..  I’ll put in separate posts my personal recommendations on things to do while in Lucerne 🙂


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